LPDDR5X- New 64GB RAM that could hit cellphones in 2023

Technology continues to advance and Samsung is always at the forefront. Today the company announced the first LPDDR5X RAM for mobiles which not only have spectacular features, but also promises absurd maximum amount of RAM. In 2023 we will see some very interesting smartphones with features that could exceed what was expected. The mobiles with 32 or 64 GB of RAM memory they are already possible and could emerge.

New LPDDR5X memory: faster and more efficient


Samsung will present its new Exynos processor in a few days and used today to drop another bomb. The company has just launched the first LPDDR5X RAM for laptops. This new memory is advancing considerably and allowing far more amazing options than what we saw in 2021.

According to Samsung, its new memory is a 30% faster than LPDDR5 and a 20% more efficient. This means that devices that include it will be able to have faster RAM than will consume less energy, something possible thanks to the manufacturing in 14 nm.

At first, the chips will only be in configurations of 16 GB, so smartphones that want to include it will have an absurd amount of RAM. But it doesn’t stop there: these modules can be stacked in 16GB configurations to get a 64 GB of RAM memory in mobile phones.

LPDDR5X : Cellphones with 64 GB of RAM could arrive in 2023


Yes, in 2023 there may be some manufacturers who will decide include 64 GB of RAM in their mobiles. Samsung has just given the possibility, that does not mean that it will be used in the short term. Today’s mobiles don’t need that much RAM, but we already know how the world of marketing works.

It is possible that a manufacturer of gaming mobiles is considering the possibility of launching a stratospheric version that would break with everything that was established. If you decide to use the new Samsung RAM, this could include 32 or 64 GB memory on your device.

Of course, it will not be used, but surely there is more than one user who will buy it because it is one of the most amazing mobiles on the market. We know it doesn’t have to be, but we can’t deny that we can’t wait to see it.