A few words about Elon Musk in “Love, Death and Robots, Vol. 3”

It cannot be said that any of the nine animated shorts that make up the third volume of Love, Death and Robots, the Netflix anthology created by American Tim Miller (since 2019), is one of the best. All of them are at a certain distance from “The Witness” (1×03) and “Pop Squad” (2×03), two outstanding proposals directed respectively by Alberto Mielgo (2019) and Jennifer Yuh (2021).

And that the great David Fincher is at the origin of “Bad Travelling” (3×02), perhaps the most defensible of this cinematographic batch with “Jibaro” (3×09), the second contribution of said Mielgo, which does not cause us same disappointment that his partner Yuh approved “Kill Team Kill” (3×05), the worst of the entire Netfix series. And another of the curiosities of this new opus is linked to Elon Musk.

we came across the same at the end of “Three robots: exit strategies” (3×01), the only one signed to date by Patrick Osborne (2023) and which continues the story of the three hilarious electronic characters to whom Josh Brener, Gary Anthony Williams and Katie Lowes had already lent their vocal cords in their short film from the first volume (1×02 ) , directed by Víctor Maldonado and Alfredo Torres. And we didn’t expect to hear the tycoon’s name here.

Waiting for Elon Musk in “Love, Death and Robots”

In this work of Love, Death and Robotswe are told that the “obscenely rich” humans have decided they need a new planet, and the protagonists discover the recording of the launch of a space rocket in december 2025 to Mars, in which his crew escaped the apocalypse. And, after a montage chained from the terrestrial night sky to that of the red world, they show us those who were able to survive there.

A Martian astronaut is about to drink a margarita and opens his wetsuit to do so. But this is not a person, but one of the cats whose feline genes were altered by mankind so that they were born with opposable thumbs, which also made them the second intelligent animal. Then he looks at the astonished spectators and asks: Who were you expecting? To Elon Musk?before pouting and trying the cocktail.

Sure, this reference makes a lot of sense in Love, Death and Robots. Not only because the initiative to get away from the Earth and its catastrophe is so understandable that we have already seen it, for example, in do not look (2021), Netflix film, commissioned by tech entrepreneur Peter Isherwell, for which actor Mark Rylance was inspired by Elon Musk. The latter is the most “obscenely rich” and his company SpaceX is engaged in aerospace manufacturing and transportation.