Dominating Local Search: The Ultimate Mastering Local SEO Guide

Local SEO is a marketing campaign based on a strategy to improve the visibility and positioning of the website, in Internet search engines, in front of niches and user profiles related to the geographical position where that business or company is located. Today we explain all its benefits and the keys to doing it yourself!

Appearing in the first search results has become the greatest obsession for all who have a business with an online presence. As much as we use social networks and other means to make ourselves known, we know that it is there, when the user searches and the search results appear, where we have the real opportunity to sell our services and products.

It is so much so that today when searching for products or services in almost any commercial sector, we can easily see dozens of advertisers. These companies pay to appear in the first positions of the results list. Companies are willing to do whatever it takes for their potential client to see them.

Before talking to you, as an SEO and web positioning consultant, about web positioning and local SEO, I must explain to you what exactly local SEO is because it may be that you have already launched local web positioning strategies without your knowing it. Or not knowing what to call those actions.

Local SEO is a set of web positioning techniques to increase the visibility and positioning of your website in Internet search engines when users who are close to you look for products or services that your business offers.

In simpler words, it’s about working to appear in the most local searches. For example, suppose we have a web design and development company in Ahmedabad. In that case, I include the town where we offer our services in my Strategy so that my potential clients are more likely to find me.

Local SEO Guide: What are the Benefits?

Local SEO is much more effective than traditional SEO

A web design and digital marketing company may need a presence throughout India or globally. Still, a beauty salon, bakery, or restaurant has a different need.

I will give you another example. Suppose you have a restaurant in Ahmedabad and insist on doing an SEO campaign for all of India instead of something more local. In that case, you will have to make a more significant economic investment because the competition is infinitely greater in India than in your city. But why do you want people more than 500km away to know your restaurant?

If you have a physical local service business, such as a restaurant, you should optimize your SEO strategy only for the region of your geographic scope. You will save money and increase the profitability of your SEO campaign.

There are many more benefits and reasons for doing it this way, but we see them below. But at this point, you may find our article, published some time ago, interesting about the truth of SEO Marketing and its current importance for companies.

Local web positioning makes your business improve its reputation.

It is as if, within the Internet, there are circles of trust. When you register in Google My Business, users start to know you. They can assess the quality of your services and, depending on their opinion, you will gain a better reputation, which will, at the same time, make more users know you and be confident enough to buy your services and products. It’s a feedback loop! Although you must do SEO on Google Maps and Google My Business to start appearing among the first.

One of the main tasks of local SEO, which you must consider in your web positioning strategy, is to motivate your clients to leave opinions of your services on Google My Business / Google Maps and other similar platforms.

I have seen many businesses that, even without having their web pages in the first positions, appear in the first places of local searches thanks to their reputation obtained with the users’ comments.

Again, most of the registrations and registrations in online small business directories are free, so you won’t have to invest a lot of money. You have to offer good service and encourage feedback from your customers.

As you can see, reasons are present for this search engine optimization strategy. 

It would help if you didn’t even stop what you’re already doing. You can do an SEO analysis, compare the different strategies, and see which generates better results in your local web positioning.

The Strategy is straightforward to configure.

When implementing something new in our company, we always think about investment, but local SEO is different. If there is something, the most complicated thing is to rethink the content strategy, look for the most important keywords, and study your market more closely.

For registration in systems such as Google My Business, you only have to prove that the address you indicate is correct and belongs to you, but it is easy. Especially now that you also have Google My Business Website builder!

With the new keyword strategy for your local web positioning, you can continue advertising with Google Ads for those keywords to appear in the first places of the search. But I assure you that, depending on the competition in your niche and how well you do your local SEO, you will appear in the first positions without needing paid advertising.

All this is possible if your website implies that you work in that geographical area, although it already indicates it somewhere.

With this, you attract customers when they are ready to buy

Previously, I commented to you that it is essential that your potential clients find you in the results of local search engines, and that has an explanation.

If a person searches for an “SEO in New York, “it is possible that he is there and wants to go to eat at that moment. If he finds you at that moment, you have many numbers that he buys at your store.

That said, showing up high in the results list in local searches is not a whim but a necessity for any brick-and-mortar business. The user looking for it is ready to buy or, at least, intends to start the process of your conversion funnel.