How To Get Started: Limo Anywhere Login 

The application is designed to be used from a browser and does not require installation on the client’s computer. The system is easy to use and intuitive, requiring no coding or technical knowledge. The application’s interface is simple and easy to understand, making it user-friendly.

The Limo Anywhere application has many features that make it successful against its competitors, especially when compared with other limousine software platforms such as LimoTaxi Pro and Limo Taxis Pro.

First, Limo Anywhere takes care of booking limousines for you by checking your company information against the database maintained by their service provider (i.e., Booking engine).

It also provides you with an overview of all your limousines so you can quickly decide which one will be perfect for your business needs.

It allows you to create different types of bookings: private cars in addition to chauffeured ones (which are already booked), VIP cars (for critical people), or even charter cars if they are not needed anymore.

It also allows you to book your limousine. Still, only if it isn’t already booked by another company – in this case, the price will be updated automatically based on how much time has passed since the last booking date within 30 days.

If no more time remains on your booking date, then the Booking engine will cancel this booking automatically without asking for confirmation emails or phone calls.

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    • Unlimited Users
    • Reservation Management
    • Reporting
    • Driver & Operator Mobile App
    • Unlimited Drivers
    • Dispatch Management
    • PCI Certified Platform
    • Scheduled Texting
    • (up to 3x trip count)
    • Support 7AM-7PM US Central Time (including weekends)
    • Flight Tracking
    • Driver Tracking
    • Scheduled Emailing
    • up to 5x trip count)
    • Unlimited Updates
    • Accounting
  • Online Booking Tools
  • Affiliate Networking Solutions

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