LG Velvet 5G: Review With Features and Price

LG has been thinking about mid-range users throughout 2020 and into the LG Velvet 5G is a good example. We’ve been testing this device for quite some time to tell you the benefits and also what we didn’t like about it. Comes as mid-range terminal premium lacks some key features to be able to compete. Its value for money is not incredible, even if the difference with the previous LG mid-range is abysmal.

LG Velvet 5G: A special design with a curved and very thin screen

One of the things we loved the most about it LG Velvet 5G is its thickness. The device has 7.9 mm thick, a figure lower than that of most smartphones on the market today. Its weight is not incredibly light, despite having a 6.8 inch mobile in 180 grams it’s not too common either.

It is one of the few terminals with such a large screen and weighing less than 200 grams. This is something very positive and it will probably grab your attention when you use it. This weight is also given by the battery, since it does not include a too large cell.

The rest of the design is quite peculiar and is quite outside of what the rest of the midrange ranges on the market offer. his curved screen offers that different touch that we usually don’t see in other midrange and the rear also offers a particular camera module that doesn’t protrude.

The device is very well made, although its front end is not as optimized as we would have liked. The top bezel is noticeable, although that’s something that sets LG apart from other manufacturers.

It is a device well done to whom it shows that LG put a lot of love. It is light for its size and its thickness is remarkable. In our opinion, it has its attractive side and this design behaves rather well in everyday life.

A big screen coming in 2020 with 60 Hz

The screen of this LG Velvet 5G It’s one of the biggest that can be seen in the entire mid-range. It has a diagonal of 6.8 inch, so it is perfect for watching multimedia content or playing games. Of course, it’s a curve, so the experience could be a little worse because of this curve on the sides. We would have preferred a flat screen to really enjoy the screen while playing games or watching videos.

The panel is P-OLED and this is noticeable when viewing the content. It offers quality colors, good tactile response and the resolution is sufficient. It’s a FullHD + display with a pixel density per inch of 395, more than enough not to notice the pixels in normal use of the device.

It’s a fairly standard mid-range display that stands out for its size, but not much else. The worst part of this screen is the refresh rate, because does not jump at 90 or 120 Hz. This is something that we think is essential in a terminal of this price and that LG has decided not to include. And thank goodness it doesn’t, as its 4,300mAh battery and 6.8-inch diagonal wouldn’t get along very well with a higher rate.

If you like curved screens and want a good screen size, this LG Velvet 5G does both. Of course, it’s not the best mid-range display today, far from it.

LG Velvet 5G: Best midrange performance with fair software

LG didn’t skimp on performance for this Velvet 5G. The terminal includes a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G, 6GB RAM and 128GB UFS 2.1 storage. This is one of the best possible combinations for the midrange and it shows when using the device. It doesn’t quite hit what the current premium offering is, but you might not need more.

With this hardware, you can play most of the games on the market without any problems, move around the interface without a problem, or navigate different applications without noticing any slowdown. Its performance is good and few users will need more than one Android mobile.

In addition, LG wanted to give the device a more attractive touch by going for the more advanced version of the Snapdragon 765, which at 5G thanks to an additional modem. This means that if you have one 5G rate contracted, you can connect to these networks with this device. We see it completely unnecessary, but it is something that the device offers.

But all is not good news every day with this LG Velvet 5G. While the hardware behaves perfectly, the software does its job. We’ve said it a number of times before: LG’s personalization layer needs a major overhaul.

It’s not bad, but in many sections it needs some improvement to be up to par. It’s heavy, the design isn’t anything to write home about, and it contains details that few users will find appealing. The good news is that your notch can be hidden using software, although there are other details that leave a lot to be desired, such as the fixed gesture bar in the lower area.

A very normal triple camera

The camera is one of the most unnoticed sections in this device. The terminal has a large screen of good quality, an attractive design and excellent performance, but it does not offer a corresponding camera module. Offers a main sensor of 48 MP with an f / 1.8 aperture which will take 90 photographs.

It works well in good lighting conditions, but things get tricky when the light falls. It is easy to start to see noise in the pictures when with the sunset and the detail of the photographs is not abysmal. It is a camera which behaves and which will offer decent results for most users. Of course, if you are passionate about photography, you won’t get professional results with this camera.

The secondary sensor is a wide angle sensor that will help you take pictures of landscapes and that, again, we recommend that you use it in good lighting. It is a sensor that suffers a lot when the light conditions drop.

Finally, we find a depth sensor that helps blur mode. The results in this mode are quite artificial and it is very likely that you will stop using it even in good lighting conditions.

In short, it is a standard range camera which does not correspond too much to the other components of the terminal and which offers standard quality. Of course, it cannot be denied that more was expected from a device of around 500 euros / dollar.

Autonomy just to spend a whole day

We already anticipate that 4,300 mAh of the LG Velvet 5G perform better than expected. After performing several tests and using mixed use for several days, we were able to achieve the 5 hours of screen without too much difficulty. We know this is not an incredible number, but the reality is that we are facing a 6.8 inch device with a 4,300mAh battery.

The outcome we expected from this terminal was much worse, although we couldn’t mark its battery as outstanding. In a device of this size, we would have liked to see a battery a little bigger, although this would have resulted in a weight closer to 200 grams.

Take a look at the screen hours you are doing on your current device, because if you do 6 or 7 hours a day, the LG Velvet 5G It might not be the most recommended mobile for you.

LG Velvet 5G is hard to recommend

Reviewing the experience with the device, its features and price, it is difficult for us to recommend this LG Velvet 5G. It’s a well-made device, with a good screen and good performance. Of course, its price exceeds 500 euros / dollars, then a quick glance at the competition will make you forget everything you read in this analysis and think about another terminal.

That same device with a higher refresh rate, more advanced camera, and more battery would have been quite different.