This will be the next LG Mobile: radical design change

We have been announcing for weeks a radical design change in LG by 2020, and now the company has just released a official video with the design of your next smartphone, the LG Velvet. The name or the design are no longer rumors, Well the video is official and shows us both details. Of course, the device could change its name when it arrives in the West. This video is created for the Korean market. But what really matters, and something that won’t change, is the device layout.

LG told us it would change the way mobile phones are created to achieve a higher percentage of sales. It is not known if he will reach the second, but the first is already underway and very real. The next LG device it will have little to do with the company’s current mobiles. It won’t look anything like devices like the LG V60, G8, or midrange.

LG Mobile hit the nail on the head, other details are now missing

LG Mobile

LG has been making designs for years that aren’t quite convincing. If you take a look at its current catalog, no model arouses you much interest in knowing more, something that will change with the arrival of the next device. We don’t know what it will be called in the West, but what is certain is that we will see it with the following design.

Ice universe was instructed to leave us with this LG Velvet official video. We can see that it is one of the the most beautiful mobiles of the year, with a very neat line and details that we have never seen in the company.

The silhouette of the device changes dramatically compared to other devices like the LG G8. Now he’s much more square and with a symmetrical back and front. Yes, the front and back sides are curved. This leaves us with a curved screen in the frontal area. It’s not something we love about ProAndroid, but we can’t deny it’s a terminal with beautiful design.

Continuing with the front part, we can highlight a notch on the top and a very good optimization of the glasses. We cannot confirm this, but it is almost certain that the the fingerprint sensor is also on this front, just below the screen.

The rear is almost deserted and only the photographic sensors and the LED flash are visible. It has 3 sensors inspired by the shape of a drop of water. There is no differentiated moduleInstead, each sensor is built into the back separately. This is something that very few companies have opted for that gives this device a differentiating touch.

Finally, we can appreciate a USB C at the bottom with a 3.5mm jack. LG did not want to get rid of this connector so popular with users.

It is a simple design, but it is also one of the most beautiful on the market today. It has only one flaw in our opinion: the front notch. Still, the overall math looks very interesting and a breath of fresh air for LG’s general catalog. We just have to wait for the company to announce it and also confirm the commercial availability of the device.