LG Mobile: No Plan to for New Phone in Near Future

The rumors and leaks ended with what they announced: LG has closed its mobile division and will no longer manufacture smartphones. The company shared a press release around the world announcing that this part of the business was shutting down to focus on other businesses such as electric cars, IoT, or B2B businesses.

There will be no more LG Mobile in a long season

It appears that the mobile division’s attempts to sell have been unsuccessful. The company did not find a good buyer and decided to paralyze and close your mobile division. After months of losing money in almost every market, it was a clear decision. A long time ago LG ceased to be a leading company in the telephone industry.

At that time, its market share outside its home country was minimal and unsustainable. After the announcement, the company will stop manufacturing mobile devices, even if it will continue to support the terminals sold in recent years. They will update and you can also claim the warranty or repair them.

We don’t know if at some point in the future LG will take over the smartphone market, but what is certain is that you will stop seeing company news from that point on. Don’t expect a top-of-the-line for 2021 or more releases related to this division.

The announcement was made today, but the effective closing date will be July 31, 2021. Until then, the company will allocate the resources to achieve a transparent and clean exit from the mobile phone company. You will also take advantage of these last months to sell the terminals that you still have in stock.

What if I have a recently purchased LG mobile?

If you are a user of an LG mobile the situation changes a little for you. The company will continue to offer support, warranty, SAT, and software updates as if the mobile division had not been closed. You must remember that LG is not shutting down, only its mobile-focused division.

This means that most equipment and infrastructure are still present in all markets. You can follow buy LG devices until they run out, manage the warranty, and update without any problem.

If you have an LG mobile Don’t worry, as the company will continue to be there if you need anything. From ProAndroid.com we can only say thank you and goodbye!