What is krnl key / krnlkey and How to Get it?

Kpong KRNL key was launched on the 26th of May 2018, which is only available for a limited time. It allows users to play Roblox games with better graphics, sound, and effects. 

The best part of this key is that it will help you improve your gaming skills and score.

How to Get krnl Key?

To get this key, you have to:

1. First, ensure that you have at least one Roblox account, if not more than one account. If you don’t have an account, then create an account and log in before proceeding further in this guide.

2. Now go to the official Roblox website https://www.roblox.com/.

3. Click on the ‘Account’ tab from the main navigation bar at the top of the screen

4 . Click on the ‘Get started button

5. Select ‘Kpong KRNL Key Giveaway’ from the list of giveaways

6 . Complete all steps required by Roblox, including entering your email address

7 . You will receive an email from Roblox with further instructions

8 . Once you receive emails from Roblox, click the “I’ve to Receive” button 9 . You will then be directed back to the original screen

10 . Go into your email inbox or spam folder

11 and find the email from Roblox

12 . Click on the link in the email to complete the registration process

13 . You will then be directed to a verification page

14 . Enter your email address

15 and click ‘Verify’

16 . You should now have a new key added to your account 17

How to redeem krnlkey?

1. Go to Roblox and enter the password of your account 2. Go to our website and enter your password in box 3. Select the game you wish to redeem it for 4. Follow instructions given by Roblox 5. After that, you will be able to play the Kpong KRNL game on Roblox and get additional bonuses!

What happens if the KRNL Key does not work well?

1. They will email you and ask you to try to redeem the key again.
2. If you still have the same problem, please contact [email protected] or live chat support from this website
3. If the issue is related to your account, They will get back to you soon!