Jabra Elite 3 Review: This Good Alternative to AirPods, with More Battery

The Jabra Firm has stood out for years with quality portable sound.

One of the leading manufacturers of high-quality wireless headphones is Jabra. Today your Elite 3 model collapses to its all-time low of $59.99 in an epic affair. The four colors available are at the same discount, so you should take advantage because opportunities like this to buy headphones at half the price of AirPods with the same quality they don’t have every day.

The Jabra Elite 3 are in-ear headphones that hide well in the ear. They come with low latency Bluetooth so that we will receive better sound quality wirelessly, with noise isolation and built-in Alexa. For $59.99, I remind you that there is nothing better than these Jabra Elite 3.

Buy Jabra Elite 3 – Great Alternative to AirPods for 59.99$ 

Jabra Elite 3 Review

Jabra headphones are a perfect alternative to AirPods for half the price

These Jabra headphones now cost 67.99$ on the manufacturer’s website, so the offer remains a great opportunity. These headphones work with wireless technology Bluetooth in version 5.2, the one with the lowest energy cost and best efficiency. His little body integrated four microphones to help isolate noise and get much clearer calls.

In the same way, as we have isolation, we will also be able to feel and experience as if we were not wearing the earphones with the HearThrough Technology from Jabra. We will be aware of everything that is happening around us. With the Jabra Elite 3 Mono mode, we can also use one earphone while the other is charging, so you’re always ready to receive a call.

The battery of these Jabra Elite 3 lasts 28 hours, with a charging case included. It is charged via its USB-C port, and we have an LED that will indicate when they are fully charged. We will have up to 7 hours of use with the headset battery. The fast charge of the box is such that with 10 minutes connected, we will have 1 hour of additional use. They are very light, with so much, only 4.6 grams per earbuds, you won’t notice them in your ears after a few minutes.

You’ll be happy to know that these headphones are water and dust resistant with your certificate IP55. Wear them in the rain and take them to the beach without worrying about the sand splashing. Technically, we have headphones with a 6mm diaphragm that get a response from frequency from 20 to 20,000 Hz and are compatible with audio codecs QualcommaptX and SBC with the best possible quality via Bluetooth.

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