This is italki, one of the best apps to learn languages ​​with native teachers

Learn languages ​​with italki, an application with which you can receive private lessons in more than 150 languages ​​with native teachers from all over the world.

learn languages It is one of the skills that can open the most doors for us, but it can also become a real headache in these turbulent times. And it is that go to a tutor or an academy is something which, well being for lack of time or moneyis not available to everyone.

For this reason, it is time to turn to technology and the online learning as elements of the democratization of language teaching since, today, we have countless online tools with which to learn any language you can think of: from English to Esperanto and from Swahili to Chinese. And this is where they come in apps like italkione of the best options for learn languages ​​online with our mobile or tablet.

How italki works and what it can do for you?

featured italkiLearn up to 150 languages ​​at your own pace with italki

italki is an application that will allow us to learn more than 150 languages through private online lessons with thousands of native teachers. We will simply have to register, choose the language we want to learn and let ourselves be carried away by the application, which, unlike other language teaching applications, will provide us with tools and content adapted to our level, thus taking advantage of a linguistic experience 100% personalized.

So, in addition to being able to organize individual video calls with native teachers from all over the world, we will have at our disposal resources of all kindswhich include everything from podcasts to level tests, vocabulary lists and quizzes tailored to our experience of the language.

The app also has one of largest communities of language learners from around the world, with users logging into the app daily from more than 190 countries, thus having a completely immersive experience. In this sense, think that in the application we will find thousands of questions and exercises raised (and voted) by the community itself, which works as a real language social network.

Another advantage of italki is that we can take language exams real and accredited without leaving the app, this way we will always know our language level and we can refine the shot with official certifications.

italki screenshots

italki’s interface couldn’t be easier to use

Finally, and regarding the italki main course, live class, the application offers us the possibility of creating our own educational “menu”, being able to select classes and teachers according to our schedules and budgets. For example: there are sessions of 30 minutes or an hour and a half or from 5 euros (or even less!). Of course, all the teachers are duly accredited, with notes and notes of the whole italki community, without forgetting that they all offer trial lesson so we always know if they have what we need.

You can easily download italki from play store. completely freeonce in the app, you can access a trial lesson and, if convinced, buy credits to design your learning route.

italki for professionals: work as a native teacher and teach languages ​​to more than 100,000 students

If you are a language teacher, it is also worth saying that italki offers you the opportunity to earn money teach online classes and be an active part of their community. To do this, you can register through the app itself in the language you want to teach.

From there, and again depending on your teaching experience, you can choose whether you want to teach as private teacher (you will need to upload another teaching certification) or just become community guardian the latter option being designed for native speakers who like informal conversations with other users.