Is the Apple Ecosystem Worth It?

is the apple ecosystem worth it? The use of Apple devices and products is extremely convenient: there is synchronization, fast switching and even charging on most devices is the same. But in a difficult situation, when the iPhone turned out to be a rather toxic device, many decided to switch to Android.

As a result, users got a bit hungover when Android turned out to be an alien and not so easy to get used to: it was like changing a car with an automatic transmission to a manual one. But there are several ways to avoid falling into Apple’s trap, so as not to depend on it.

I will say right away that I don’t want to impose mine on anyone, I just want to share my personal experience.

is the apple ecosystem worth it?

Can’t get out of the Apple ecosystem? Everything is very simple

I never had any particular apprehension about Apple devices, and I only bought the first iPhone after Nokia’s final breakdown on Windows Phone: objectively, Apple devices are practical and simple thanks to services, but at that time I already had a Microsoft account, so I always used OneDrive as my main storage. Like it or not, a laptop has always been more important to me than a smartphone, so cloud storage has always remained the same.

is the apple ecosystem worth it

Somehow I got used to the fact that all notes are in OneNote, and instead of iCloud – OneDrive

There are not so many entries in Notes – there is OneNote, instead of Safari – Firefox, and Edge. You’ll be surprised, but everything syncs with the iPad the same way, even with a Huawei Windows laptop. In short, you can shamelessly change your iPhone to Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and iPad to Mi Pad 5 and nothing will change. In the end, I can always post a note in Telegram – it will appear there both on the tablet and on the PC.

When more free money started showing up, I spent it on iPads, new iPhone models, and AirPods, but never started using Apple services: I only discovered Apple Music only in 2018 at the invitation of a friend to a family subscription.

However, Yandex. Music was always at hand because of smart speakers, so a year ago I changed streaming from Apple to Yandex with peace of mind and didn’t regret it, even though I found some shortcomings. You won’t believe it, but Apple service chips I haven’t really tried it yet: I always backup iPhones to a PC – it’s more familiar, more reliable, and most importantly – for free because you don’t need to pay for an iCloud volume boost, and if needed, you can open a copy through iMazing.

What accessories do you need for your iPhone?

My former editorial colleague Artyom Rakhmatullin recounted how he became addicted to the Apple ecosystem: he noted that the Apple Watch was crucial to him. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been neutral about this device: yes, it’s practical, and beautiful, but expensive. And is it useful? After deactivating Apple Pay in my subjective opinion, smartwatches have lost half of their functionality, and the battery is the Achilles heel of this gadget.

Mi Band is a top. Not the most complete, but an Apple Watch replacement

They have always been replaced by Mi Band for me – an indestructible gadget that is always with you and also monitors your health and helps you train.

Comparing a smartwatch and a fitness band is pretty rash, but as long as I have it on my arm, I don’t even think of the Apple Watch. Again, this is extremely subjective, but there will be no problems when switching to Android: on the contrary, these smartphones have more analogs of the Mi Fit brand with additional functionality.

Disadvantages of AirPods

To be honest, the AirPods are the only gadget from Apple that I fell for immediately after their announcement. Work with iPhone, change tracks with a touch, a convenient case – everything is fine. Admittedly, in 6 years all manufacturers have learned to do this, and the AirPods have revealed their flaws: sound far from perfect, a large number of marriages, counterfeits, and the fragility of the batteries. Moreover, Pods have gone from an exclusive gadget to a mass gadget – in 2023 they will no longer surprise anyone.

is the apple ecosystem worth it

The AirPods wow effect is gone. Now they are completely normal.

Headphones from other manufacturers sound great, do not fall out of the ears, last longer, and can also be configured through a special proprietary utility. Apple, on the other hand, made the headphones in such a way that you can’t customize them consistently – that’s a huge downside.

Also, the AirPods don’t work perfectly with Android or Windows: you can use it, but not everyone else, and through a stump bridge.

My friends have already been disappointed with ordinary pods and piroshki: someone even decided not to suffer and just bought a fake one – an exact copy that even sounds better than the originals.

I’m looking at Sennheiser myself, because one day (most likely somewhere in a year and a half) my AirPods 2 will die, and I’ll be able to use my new headphones with peace of mind with another smartphone – even with Android.

Turns out getting rid of Apple tech isn’t hard – yes, the devices are cool, but iOS system chips can always be replaced. After all, we figured out how to use Sberbank and other remote apps, right?

I always keep in mind that iPhone is just a phone like OnePlus or Xiaomi, and Android and iOS can still be friends.