Is It True That Power Bank Damages iPhone Battery

Is It True That Power Bank Damages iPhone Battery: Despite Apple’s sanctions, Russian dealers found where to get iPhones for sale: yes, everything is not so simple here, but the range of smartphones is at least replenished?

On the other hand, there are always difficulties with spare parts, so now you should try to keep your iPhone in working condition. First, you need to monitor the phone’s battery – probably the most problematic module in the phone. For example, try not to charge your iPhone from a power bank They say it destroys the battery. Is it really? Let’s try to understand.

Is the power bank harming your smartphone? Let’s find out

Powerbank in most cases kills your phone battery, use it only in emergency.

There are many legends about portable chargers. One of them is related to the fact that portable batteries ruin your smartphone battery. Not everyone believes in it, or rather, they do not believe in it until after intensive charging of the “bank” the battery capacity begins to drop.

The most interesting thing is that no laptop has any warranty or certification. The exception is original Apple accessories, for example, portable MagSafe wireless charging, but even this method of charging does not guarantee that the battery will not start to degrade faster – as you remember, it gets worse after each charging cycle.

In addition, when buying a power bank, we often focus on the price, and less often on the composition, reviews and other reliability characteristics. Usually, we buy a pig in a poke. And we also use free wearables that we received as gifts:

lucky if it’s Xiaomi or Baseus – there’s at least some confidence that the brand won’t release illiquid assets. I use a 10,000mAh power bank myself and I don’t even know what kind of company made it – I got it as a gift from the airline. But you can’t do that if you want the iPhone battery to live longer.

Is It True That Power Bank Damages iPhone Battery? What are the dangers of cheap power banks?

The iPhone battery suffers from cheap laptops as well as poor quality chargers. Buying a power bank with an unusual design? Do not do this: most likely, they saved money on everything in general, relying on an unusual design. And it clearly lacks microcircuits and chips that control the charging process and prevent power surges. It is on the “smart” charging that manufacturers of cheap power banks save – it is responsible for the battery life in a smartphone.

Cheap power banks are evil. Don’t take them for anything.

At the same time, pay attention to the fact that actual power bank capacity should be indicated in the case, but this does not reflect the number of full charges you can make. For example, 20,000 mAh does not correspond to 10 full charges of a battery with a capacity of 1,821 mAh. Everything is a little different here and is calculated by the formula:

We understand what is what. From the formula, as it has already become clear, the real capacity is the figure indicated in the specifications.

  • Conversion rate – the remaining power after heating and internal energy consumption, takes about 0.8.
  • Battery Health – a true indicator of the battery capacity of a smartphone. Let’s say 0.9 (90% is the most frequent indicator among our readers).
  • Battery capacity – the one that is in the smartphone by default. Or 1821 mAh like the iPhone 8.

After calculations, we get 7.9 – you can charge iPhone 8 about 8 times, and not 11 as it might seem at first glance. At the same time, note that power banks are losing capacity – just like smartphone batteries and other devices with lithium-ion batteries. In addition, faulty manufacturers install batteries in a power bank with a smaller capacity – instead of 20,000 mAh, there will easily be 18,000, then you can make calculations using the formula. Add to this content of dubious quality: connecting wires with a small cross-sectional diameter, not designed for a heavy load.

Which Powerbank to choose?

laptop charger – an emergency charger. Do not use it regularly, especially if it is of questionable quality. Read reviews, study specs, and pay attention to iPhone battery capacity changes. In general, don’t be fooled by cheap accessories, even if the name says it’s Xiaomi: it probably doesn’t smell like a popular Chinese brand there – it obviously doesn’t cost a penny. Take a look at these laptops.

It is better to buy a normal one for a small fee than to ruin an iPhone battery