An iPhone Without Camera? Seems to exist

iPhone Without Camera: These are the reasons why some users choose iPhones without cameras!


Advancements in the camera system represent one of the processes that Apple invests more resources and effort into with each new generation of iPhone. Even this single component is reason enough to get the device of the year. However, and especially in the world of technology, there are also exceptions, such as customers willing to pay for an iPhone without a camera.

Beyond the obvious function of the camera for the common user, these are nowadays essential for accessing different types of information requiring the reading of scanned codes, payment systems and much more. But the apparent reason to do without it would be in another reason. And a recent post on Reddit opened up the debate.

iPhone Without Camera

Via the Reddit r/iPhone channel, a user shared an image of an iPhone without a camera, and users were quick to comment on it.

According to several users the armed forces of several countries prohibit the use of cameras as a security measure. This same principle is common to several companies to avoid leaks. And unless Apple says so itself.

Oddly enough, many of these theories make sense when there are companies dedicated to customizing the iPhone to eliminate this component. One of them, NonCam, which does Original iPhones without camera customized for customers working in sensitive fields such as oil and gas, military, laboratoriesor even schoolchildren, these devices.

Concerning this article, NonCam answers on its site the reason for which it chose Apple devices instead of other brands:

“We understand the pain of having to use a crappy, cheap ‘dumb phone’ or Android device with no camera that freezes every time you try to do anything with it. As such, we don’t offer than genuine personalized Apple iPhone devices.”

Despite the surprise that the post on Reddit was for some, the truth is that original iPhones without cameras have been produced since 2011At least for this company. That if, also as you can see, the prices are not much less than what it costs to get a full smartphone.

Depending on the iPhone model, prices to assemble it without cameras can start from $1,043 (iPhone 6s) and increase to $1,769 (iPhone SE 2020). In addition to these ready-made models, the site also offers conversion kits starting at $250 to perform the conversion on an iPhone purchased from Apple or an authorized reseller.