iPhone Sleep Mode: Why Do You Need It on iPhone and How to Set It Up?

iPhone Sleep Mode: Apple cares about its users and implements many health features. It’s amazing how we all love to sleep, but rarely pay attention to the fact that the iPhone can help us. Standby – a feature that will help you get a good night’s sleep, as well as remind you when it’s best to fall asleep if you want to sleep. Many are just not likely to look into this setting for fear of accidentally activating an alarm that doesn’t exist, but with the right settings everything will work as it should. We say why do i need sleep mode in ios and how to configure it correctly.

iPhone Sleep Mode: How to set up?

It is believed that you need around 7 hours of sleep – and that seems to be true. But not for everyone: for example, children 6-13 years old need about 9-11 hours, adolescents (under 17 years old) – 8-10 hours, and adults (from 18 years old) – from 7 to 9. Of course, such recommendations far from being observed by everyone: someone likes to sleep longer, someone has enough 6 hours to feel normal. But the fact remains: you must spend at least 7 hours in a dream, and sleeping more is just as harmful as not getting enough sleep.

Sleep phases are also important – fast and slow. They follow each other for an hour and a half each, and to recover a person needs only 5 such cycles. To track them, there’s Mi Band or Apple Watch which gives you a comprehensive analysis of your sleep.

iPhone Sleep Mode: What is it?

To fall asleep on time and wake up easily, you need smart alarm clock, which comes in the form of a sleep mode. It alerts you when you need to go to bed. Unlike analogs of smart alarm clocks from the App Store, it does not count sleep phases, but will wake you up only at the specified time. Setting up the app is very simple.

Activating sleep mode is very simple

  • Open the Clock app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • In the Sleep/Wake column, click Edit.
  • Then click “Activate”.
  • Adjust bedtime by holding sofa icon and wake up time.

At the bottom, activate the “Wake up signal” and select the sound you like. The melodies presented are very different from those of an ordinary alarm clock, in their sweetness. Outraged, sleep mode has a separate volume level, which is different from the phone’s system volume. Therefore, the sound itself will be soft and less annoying than an ordinary alarm clock.

How to Set Sleep Mode on iPhone?

But you need to change your sleep schedule in the Health app: here you can add extra alarm or set the days when it should work, as well as other additional parameters. For example, activating the “Sleep” focus: it will automatically turn on when it’s time to go to bed. What else can be configured?

All basic sleep settings are in the Health app

  • Purpose of sleep: Configured to track your performance and receive recommendations from the Health app.
  • rest period: A time to allow you to relax before going to bed. It ranges from 15 minutes to 3 hours, with Sleep focus enabled, and you can add a Quick Command for the rest period.
  • Screensaver: Before going to bed, you can activate this function so that unnecessary items are not displayed on the screen. For example, missed calls or notifications.
  • sleep reminders: The Health app will let you know about your vacation before it starts.
  • Sleep results: This feature requires an Apple Watch or other sleep-reading accessory. Health will notify you if the sleep goal is reached.

Because Before going to bed, turn on Focus, which can be configured to receive calls and messages from loved ones. It is done very simply.

Adjust the focus so that some notifications are always delivered

  • Open Control Center and long press “Focus”.
  • Then click on the three dots next to “Sleep” and select Settings.
  • In the “Notifications allowed” section, select the users from the contact list or the applications from which notifications will be received even when the focus is activated.

How to Disable Sleep Mode on iPhone?

Well, for turn off sleep mode on iphone and don’t wake up no alarm clockyou just have to follow the instructions.

  • Open the Clock app.
  • Click “Edit” in the “Sleep/Wake” line.
  • Select Change Sleep Schedule in the Health app.
  • Disable the slider next to Sleep schedule.

Ready! Now you will wake up with normal alarm clock if you don’t like sleep mode. Let us know in the comments if you’ve used this feature and if it works for you?