iPhone Memory is Full, But There is Room. What to Do?

iPhone memory is full: Despite all the reassurances from fans that iOS manages memory more rationally and doesn’t clog up over time like Android, in fact it’s all stories. Consumption free space on iphone not very effective, but application cache He’s not going anywhere, no matter what.

In any case, if you don’t release it manually in the settings of the application itself. However, often this method also does not work, and Telegram, along with Instagram, TikTok and VKontakte, fill several tens of gigabytes, which can only be freed up by deleting these applications. However, this problem is also solvable.

iPhone says iPhone memory is full and won’t let you clear it? It’s probably just a bug

I’ll start with a little background. I recently discovered that Telegram weight, which is installed on my iPhone, increased to 35 GB. Overall, it did not change anything, since I am using the 256 GB version.

iPhone Memory is Full

Therefore, the disappearance of such a large amount of memory does not even been noticed. However, psychologically it was very pressing, and I decided empty the cache which was the cause of the blockage.

How to delete Telegram Cache?

I think everyone knows how to clear telegram cache on ios:

  • Launch the Telegram app on your iPhone;
  • Open the “Settings” tab at the bottom right of the screen;

I tried deleting the cache, but Telegram only deleted 10% of it

  • Select the “Data and memory” section and go to “Memory usage”;
  • Scroll down to iPhone Storage and select Clear Cache.

As you can imagine, in my case, it didn’t lead to anything. Well, almost nothing. Because only 10% of the occupied space has been deleted. This is rather odd, because usually this method handled the cache clearing efficiently and didn’t require any additional manipulations.

However, in this case, in order to free up the remaining 30 GB of space, I had to delete telegram and reinstall it.

All that hidden – the files that I received from my interlocutors and in the channels, and Telegram kept them in memory so that when I access them again, they are not downloaded again, but removed from quick access.

This speeds up interaction with content in the messenger, but overall it’s less useful than commonly believed. After all Telegram Cache can expand indefinitely, and your iPhone’s memory may simply not keep up with its appetites.

Automatic Cache Deletion in Telegram

But, if I had waited for the release of iOS 15.6, this could not have been done. Because in the current Apple update fixed an issue that showed full memory even though it was free. In other words, I ran into a bug without knowing it myself, and I was forced to reinstall appwaste extra time. Not that it’s hard, but I had to delete the messenger, install it again, then log in as well.

However, there is another recommendation that everyone should follow, which is to limit the volume cache that Telegram can save:

  • Access the Telegram app on your iPhone;
  • Open the “Settings” – “Data and memory” tab;
  • Select the “Memory Usage” section;

Don’t forget to configure cache storage modes

  • Set the “Keep files” slider to “3 days”;
  • Move the “Max cache size” slider to “5 GB”.

If this is not done, the messenger cache files in unlimited quantities, as was the case in my case. However, if you set limits and enable the auto-delete feature, the cache will be deleted on its own and will not accumulate beyond the set amount.

How to Update iOS?

Install iOS 15.6 today anyone can do it, as the update is no longer in beta testing and is already available for download:

  • Go to “Settings” and select “General”;
  • From there, navigate to the “Software Update” section;

Install the update without fear

  • Check for updates and download iOS 15.6;
  • Confirm the update to iOS 15.6 and wait for the installation to complete.

Judging by the two days I spent with iOS 15.6there is no problem with the update. This does not affect autonomy, as is often the case, or the operation of wireless interfaces, which tend to break down following errors in OS updates. So feel free to update. Also, there probably won’t be any other fixes. Moreover – only iOS 16.