iPhone Keyboard Features: What Your iPhone Keyboard Can Do

iPhone Keyboard features: Many users use their iPhone not only as a personal device but also for work. For example, it is always more convenient to make a post on Instagram banned in Russia with Apple-smartphone.

In such situations, it may be necessary keyboard entry of special characters. In particular, © is a copyright or ® is a registered trademark. Finding these characters on your device keyboard just won’t work. Of course, you can use emoji, but the probability of their correct display on Android devices is not very high.

Third-party keyboards can also be used, but they cannot be opened on password entry screens.

For such cases, there are several life Tipss that will greatly simplify the life of users. Let’s see how to use the special characters that are missing on iphone keyboardand what hidden icons can be found on it.

iPhone Keyboard features

Special Characters on the keyboard

The iPhone keyboard is still the norm for many.

Those who have used iPhone and iPad for a long time know that keyboard on ios and iPadOS has come a long way and is now one of the most convenient on mobile devices.

It certainly lacks some features, but Apple does not stop there and continues to refine the main input tool. It is significant that few users install third-party keyboards on their smartphones and tablets. Most prefer to use the standard solution of Apple.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows that the standard keyboard has quite a number of hidden characters. The most interesting thing is that for their display it is not necessary to make any additional settings or presets. Everything is default. To find them, you must do the following:

  • Open the application in which you plan to enter text.
  • When you need to enter a character, press “123” on the keyboard.
  • Hold your finger on certain keys to show hidden characters.

Standard Apple Keyboard contains the following hidden characters:

    • Degree icon when holding “0” key.

Satisfies a large selection of different currency symbols.

    • Backslash while maintaining a slash. Also, the backslash can be found on the tab with additional characters by pressing the “#+=” key.
    • Dash, minus, and bullet while holding down the hyphen key.

Quotes can be chosen for any occasion.

    • Dollar, euro, pound sterling and other currencies while holding the ruble key.
    • Paragraph while holding down the ampersand key &.

Why using an inverted exclamation and a question mark is not entirely clear to me.

    • Different types of quotes when holding standard quotes.
    • An ellipsis can be entered by holding down the period key.
    • Inverted question marks and exclamation marks are available by holding the corresponding regular dots.

Entering a domain with a dot is very convenient.

  • Classic digital symbol can be entered by holding your finger on the grid.
  • The inequality symbol and approximate equality are hidden behind the equals sign.
  • To quickly enter a domain, you need to hold the dot key in the browser address bar, and the options .com, .us, .net, .edu, .org, .ru, .rf will appear.

It is possible that you needed some of these symbols for certain daily activities or simply for writing messages and texts. Please note that in the same way, the letter “Yo” is hidden behind the “E” key, and the hard one is behind the soft sign.

And while all the non-standard icons may not be needed yet, everyone should know about the hidden letters.

How to put a sign on the keyboard?

It is a pity that the standard keyboard does not support entering strokes in Russian.

However, not all characters can be found on the keyboard by holding down various buttons. Some icons Apple add nothing to it. In this situation, you can resort to a little trick in the form autocorrect. If you need enter from keyboard the following symbols:

  • © – copyright.
  • ® is a registered trademark.
  • ™ is a registered trademark.
  •  is the Apple logo.

Or there are other icons you need, then you need to do the following:

When you press the spacebar, the abbreviation itself is replaced by a symbol.

After that, try to enter the chosen abbreviation in the required text. As soon as you type it, a symbol appears in the part of the keyboard responsible for predictive input, which will replace the specified text.

Please note that the “Text Replacement” item can be used not only for certain characters, but also for inserting actual text. If you regularly write sentences or words, you can assign them convenient abbreviations and the text will be replaced automatically.

Keep in mind that it is desirable to define abbreviations that you do not use. For example, you shouldn’t Apple Logo hang the letter “A”. Otherwise, there may be small problems with text input.