Why Does the iPhone Keep 1% for a Long Time?

Why Does the iPhone Keep 1% for a Long Time? We can talk endlessly about the features of the iPhone battery: some are worried that the smartphone will take a long time to charge from 80 to 100%, others are worried about the maximum battery capacity, which suddenly evaporates or, on the contrary, does not recharge. change for six months.

The problem arises with iPhone discharge: You may have noticed that the charge can evaporate before your eyes (especially on the iPhone SE), but the last interest is particularly long past.

What is the problem? Is it the design features of the battery? We understand Why does the iPhone keep the latest interest for a long time? and what happens to the smartphone after a full discharge.

Why Does the iPhone Keep 1% for a Long Time?

How to Completely Drain Your iPhone?

The fact is that it is very difficult to fully discharge the iPhone. At the time when the smartphone is turned off, some functions continue to work. For example, travel cards and house or car keys. For Russia, this is no longer so relevant, but still: in this mode, payments are made without Face ID or Touch ID.

You don’t need a password either. This feature works on iPhones with A12 Bionic and newer, starting with iPhone XS and XR. Exactly the same functionality is provided for the Apple Watch. Thus, it was possible (was) to pay for a trip in transport, but not a purchase in the store – it is protected.

Your iPhone continues to work after being discharged

Also, The locator works in a discharged iPhone. That’s why you can find your smartphone even after turning it off: the Latitude network allows you to detect iPhone turned off even without a Wi-Fi connection, data transfer and SIM card. So not only iPhones are searched, but also AirTag. The function must first be activated in the settings.

  • Go to Settings, open your Apple ID;
  • Open “Locator”;
  • Select “Find iPhone”;
  • Enable the locator network;

Is it possible to offload iPhone to 0

You will not be able to unload the iPhone to real zero

Interesting fact: iPhone cannot be completely drained. The same goes for any wearable technology, whether it’s an iPod or AirPods. It turns out that manufacturers deceive us by artificially lowering the battery charge. Not really. If the battery reaches absolute zero, then it will be more difficult to bring it back to life.

When iPhone shows a low battery, it means the actual is still extremely high. That is, instead of the displayed 2-3%, the battery still has 20-30%. Admittedly, the controller does not always accurately determine the load: this is why the percentages soar extremely quickly from 100% to 90%, then slow down.

How long is 1% on iPhone?

As mentioned above, the “true” battery charge is somewhat larger than that reflected on the indicator. Algorithms do not accurately determine the current state and even overestimate it, so it may seem that from 20% to 10% iPhone drains slower.

Apple thought so much about iOS that the iPhone itself determines when to shut down. You yourself have probably noticed that just before the shutdown iPhone starts to slow down: The system deliberately slows down the processor to extend the life of the device.

The “last” percent charge on the iPhone lasts a long time for a reason

But that only happens when you’re using a smartphone: talking on the phone, watching videos, etc. Arrived at a low indicator, the smartphone turns off. True, this feature does not always work: for example, in the cold, a smartphone can turn off even with a 10% charge – the external environment already influences here.

Even after entering a warm room, iPhone does not turn on immediately – all this is due to the fact that part of the capacity of the battery is not available – the cold has lowered the temperature of the electrolyte inside the battery, thus reducing the speed of chemical reactions. In addition, the premature shutdown is also affected by battery wear and tear caused by physical aging.

Save Battery on iPhone

Some users think that saving the iPhone battery does not work and does not help extend the life of the device. But this is not the case: when the function is launched, the performance of the smartphone slows down.

It’s hard to notice while watching videos or surfing the internet, but games will start to get silly even on the latest iPhone.

Enjoy battery savings of up to 20%

Note that the battery saver notification appears at 20% – this is the range where you have the last chance to extend battery life. So when power saving is on for 2-3% load, it doesn’t help much.

Experts recommend turning on the battery saver from 100% – so your smartphone will probably work longer. By the way, we even have a detailed article on this feature!

Now you know why iPhone retains a 1% charge for a long time and what actually happens after the release. Tell me, can you finish what you started on the iPhone before shutting it down, or does it “die” in use?