Learn the iPhone Camera Trick Everyone Should Know That Avoids Losing Your Desired Settings in Your Photos

Know the iPhone Camera Trick that few know.

In the digital age, every day great importance is given to the functions it can have iPhone camera. Undoubtedly taking pictures with the SmartPhone has a variety of uses both personal and professional.

In fact, the versatility of a camera adds value to every iPhone model, which often comes with a higher cost.

If you are looking for tutorials on the web explaining the tricks to get the most out of your iPhone’s camera, surely many options will appear: since the use of Gridsee the area outside the frame graduated on speed shooting, set the zoom level even special functions like using burst mode.

However, there is a trick that everyone should know, that although it is basic and really very simple to apply, few know. The detail is that is hidden in the “Settings” app, so many iPhone users couldn’t find it, thinking the option exists in the camera app itself.

Maximize the use of your iPhone camera

The trick is don’t lose your camera settings when you close the app, it will retain any fixed controls you had enabled, and you won’t have to start over with the changes when taking photos or videos with your iPhone. Everything will depend on the iPhone model that you have.

iPhone Camera Trick

With these simple steps, we will guide you for you to save the configuration that do you want to have on your iPhone camera:

  • Open on the iPhone the Settings app and scroll down to select Camera.
  • to push on Keep settings.
  • A screen will open where you will have at hand the buttons which will allow you to save some settings.

Consider that the number of option buttons to configure will depend on the iPhone model you are using.

Configure the aspects you want from your camera

Apply iPhone Camera Settings

  • camera mode: It allows save the last mode you used like video, portrait or slow motion, instead of opening in the default mode that opens when shooting a photo.
  • creative controls: it’s used for save settings such as filters or without filters. For example, also set the aspect ratio. This option is only available on iPhones 8 Plus and above.
  • Exposure adjustment: this is useful for adjusting the brightness level that the photo requires, instead of resetting it to automatic and it does not match what you need. This applies to an iPhone 11 and later.
  • macro control: It allows keeping the camera in main camera mode for close-ups, instead of using the default ultra-wide-angle camera when you bring the phone closer to an object. Only available for iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max.
  • night mode: works for saving night mode settings as on or off. This option appears on the iPhone 12 and 13.
  • Live photo: it’s used to prevent Live Photo from activating automatically every time you open the camera app. When enabled, you record what happens 1.5 seconds before and after the photo is taken. You can learn how to take and edit Live Photos in detail as it is the default option of the iPhone camera.
  • Zoom-Portrait Image: It allows keeping the last camera you used actively in portrait mode instead of defaulting to 2x or 3x telephoto.

Activating one of these settings it will serve you for defining the desired configuration even when you close the camera app, preventing it from opening in its default settings.

Take into account that whenever you want to change these settings you need to apply the steps and enable or disable what you want to configure.

Did you know this trick? Note that it is basic and easy to apply. You now have the details to be able to save the settings you want to your iPhone camera.

We invite you to learn the best tricks for the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro camera, to get the most out of it and get better images and videos.