iPhone Black Wallpaper: How Apple chooses iPhone wallpapers and where they get them

iPhone Black Wallpaper – this is a feature not only of a single smartphone, but also of the iOS version. Every year Apple adds new photos, but, you see, in recent years they have become less expressive.

If before the company added more nature wallpapers to the collection, then at some point it switched abstractions and geometric shapes. It was only in iOS 14 that there was a return to basics: the system received picturesque images of mountains that go into dark mode.

Interesting, Where Apple Gets iPhone Wallpapers And on what basis are they selected? Let’s try to understand.

Understand where photos come from in iOS and why Apple deletes them

Standard Apple Wallpaper: iPhone Black Wallpaper

Perhaps no other smartphone in the world has such recognizable wallpapers as the iPhone. Even owners of Android smartphones install them: it’s not an attempt to make an iPhone out of Android, they just look really, really good. Apple regularly promotes its smartphones in films and TV shows – this applies to the Apple TV service and other streaming platforms. True, directors sometimes try to hide the fact that an iPhone or iPad appeared in the frame by sticking apples on the back and remaking sounds, but Apple’s gadget is easily recognizable by the wallpaper from the home screen.

iphone black wallpaper

In the series “Ted Lasso” showed the iPhone without bangs. Big spoiler?

Surely you have wondered at least once where Apple takes these wallpapers? There are a few stories. Espen Haagensen, a photographer from Norway, is behind the same iOS 8 photo of the Milky Way: he took a picture in the mountains using a wide-angle lens. He uploaded the photo to the 500px website, where Apple discovered it.

iphone black wallpaper

I had to tweak a bit. But it’s easy to recognize these wallpapers!

Granted, the Cupertino company pre-edited it: In the original frame, there’s Espen Haagensen’s house in the frame, but it’s not on the iOS wallpaper – Apple simplified it. image by removing unnecessary elements. The company has entered into a license agreement with the author to use the image.

Apple takes photos of even novice photographers

Another story related to the iOS 7 wallpaper: Keegan Gibbs said he met a photographer whose photo Apple took for the iPad. Keegan thought it would be a good idea to promote his photographs to the masses in this way. A few months later, he was checking spam on his phone and accidentally saw a letter from Apple’s art department, asking him to make a deal to use the image in the new iOS.

Where does Apple get iPhone wallpapers?

But on iOS and macOS, abstract shots are common. For example, a photograph of the Andromeda galaxy entered macOS X Lion – this has been confirmed by astronomers. It was later revealed that Apple took this high-resolution photo from NASA and retouched it so the colors in the image wouldn’t interfere with reading the text.

iphone black wallpaper

Above – NASA’s original, below – Apple’s version

Remember the standard iPhone XS Brand Wallpapers? At first glance, it seems that they represent a planet, but this is not the case: it is only a substance of soap, water, corn syrup, as well as moments of other reactions chemicals. The photos were taken by photographers Donghoon J. and Sean S., who enjoy experimenting with different materials, creating unusual images. By the way, the photo was taken on the iPhone XS, not on a professional camera.

Moreover, Apple selects many photos during its competitions. For example, with the Shot on iPhone Macro Challenge: one of the winners was Daniel Olah from Hungary – he has some very cool photos which I put on my iPhone and recommend!

How to recover an old wallpaper on iPhone?

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t leave wallpapers from old iOS in newer versions of the operating system: it might look like the developers are removing them to save iOS volume, but that’s not the case. In fact, it’s just marketing: Apple removes old wallpapers and adds new ones for people to identify images with phones. It is believed that the new wallpaper is one of the tools that increase the desire to buy a new phone. For the same reason, they first tried to hide the Face ID fringe, but now they are making it more pronounced, as it has become a feature of iPhones.

Will legendary wallpapers return to iPhone? Rare case

But Apple wouldn’t be itself if it didn’t bring back something from the past. In the beta version of iOS 16 found a wallpaper that represents the same first iPhone firmware clownfish. Admittedly, in fact, the iPhone never had them by default, Steve Jobs was content to use the image during the presentation of the iPhone 2G. It is not yet clear if the wallpapers will be in the public version of iOS 16.

If you don’t have iOS 16, you can still get wallpapers on your iPhone. They said how to do it.