iPhone 14 Pro Max Ram: Will Come With 6GB of RAM of a Faster Type

iPhone 14 Pro Max Ram: The iPhone 14 will make the jump to 6 GB of RAM and the older brothers will have the latest technology.

A new rumor adds to what is already known about the new iPhone 14. Future models should have better RAM, and also in greater quantity. This improvement will allow for better task management, which translates directly into increased speed and performance.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Ram

Unlike the iPhone 13 series, which had 4 GB of LPDDR4X type memory, All models in the iPhone 14 lineup will have 6GB of RAM in their guts and at least the most top-of-the-range models that will be presented this fall will have the new LPDDR5 standard; a faster, more power-efficient type of memory is according to the media DigiTimes.

On the contrary, the inexpensive models -iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max- should have the LPDDR4X standard, but of course, also increase to 6 GB. This evolution compared to previous models marks an interesting debate regarding the RAM memory of Apple computers.

Why do iPhones have less RAM?

If we compare the iPhone with any Android of the same range, we will immediately notice that the amount of RAM differs greatly. However, Apple devices have one big advantage in their favor: system management.

iPhones have such efficient memory management that lets you do a lot more with less, unlike the competition. However, the new, more demanding features require more memory and better memory management, so this increase is hardly a surprise.

But what is certain is that this change will allow future iPhones to take full advantage of the new A16 chips. So, according to these new rumors, authentic machines capable of developing features never seen before and without major drawbacks are waiting for us.