iPhone 14 Max Specs: The biggest changes awaiting the iPhone 14 lineup this year

iPhone 14 Max specsBefore iPhone 14 presentations there are less than two months left. Although Apple has yet to officially announce the date of the event, there is no doubt that it will take place before the end of September, as has happened in previous years.

However, we already know almost all the changes that await the programming. Frankly, we learned a lot about Apple’s plans in the months leading up to the official presentation. But this year the changes are particularly big, which means it’s no sin to bring them together once again in one place.

The iPhone 14 range will be the most unusual in the history of Apple smartphones

iPhone 14 Max – What We Know?

The iPhone 14 Max will replace the iPhone 14 mini this year

Appearance in line new iPhone model It’s always a public holiday. Apple has long ceased to be afraid to expand the lineup, so today such decisions do not cause enthusiasm for the old. However, it’s still interesting to see what Cupertino has decided to offer us this time around.

This year, we expect the company’s natural rejection of the compact iPhone in favor of a larger one. They will become iPhone 14 Max, also known as iPhone 14 Plus. The novelty will receive a 6.7-inch screen like the flagship, but from a hardware point of view it will be a complete copy of the standard iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 Max Specs:

  • Display – 6.7″, 60Hz
  • Processor – A15 Bionic
  • Memory – 6/128, 6/256, 6/512 GB
  • Camera – 12/12 MP
  • Battery – 4325mAh

By appearance iPhone 14 Max (Plus) will be identical to the iPhone 14, which in turn will be an almost complete copy of the iPhone 13. However, this is unlikely to deter users who wanted to buy a relatively inexpensive iPhone with a large screen. After all, it will cost a lot less than the iPhone 14 Pro Max. iPhone 14 Max price will be around $900 instead of $1200.

iPhone 14 Pro Design

Apple plans to change the design of only two models: iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max

iPhone design has always been something static. Apple has never been particularly in a hurry to change it, just to please the consumer. Therefore, the company could exploit the same appearance for its smartphones for several years. However, this year Cupertino decided to go even further than it could afford before.

Now, instead of changing the design of the entire range, Apple will only partially do so. The new look will only get older iPhone models: iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. They are waiting for a redesign of the front, including the “visor” that bothered everyone will now disappear, and it will be replaced by a double island-type cutout.

changing pattern only older models, Apple, so to speak, emphasize their superiority over younger ones. Because previously the differences between them, judging as a whole, were not so noticeable, and it was possible to distinguish them from each other only by the design of the cameras, which old iphone there has always been more.

Now it was decided to more clearly mark the differences between the models. In this way, Cupertino hopes to reduce costs for the cost of junior models and at the same time start earning more on older models, which will attract more consumers, if only because of their appearance.

iPhone 14 Processor

Two out of four iPhone 14 models will get the old processor

Another way to save on juniors Next generation iPhone – Is the installation of the old processor. If rumors are to be believed, this year is the first time that Apple has taken such a step. It plans to equip the iPhone 14 and 14 Max (Plus) with a chipset A15 bionic which debuted last year as part of the iPhone 13.

We have already analyzed in detail the reasons for such a downgrade in this article – be sure to read it, there are a lot of interesting things. But, in a nutshell, Apple itself has locked itself in a trap, improving the hardware of its smartphones every year and increasing their cost.

Suddenly, when the components became very expensive, they could no longer do so and were forced to make a difficult choice: to increase the price of the iPhones or to simplify them technically so as not to increase their own production costs. The company chose the first option.

Increased apple price could not, because she risked losing because of this in the sales of junior iPhone Versions. Moreover, against the background of older ones, the price of which has increased, they will obviously look very, very profitable. And since there is no fundamental difference between processors of two different generations, users won’t lose much either.

Camera iPhone 14

iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max will get new cameras

More reluctant than design, Apple only updates the cameras of their smartphones. No, they update their software every year, but rarely change the modules themselves. This year, the company decided to finally upgrade its photography capabilities. new iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max by equipping them with new cameras.

These should be 48MP sensors periscope type. Unlike the previous ones, the new camera will be located inside the smartphone not horizontally behind the lens, but vertically. Due to this, it will be possible to increase the number of lenses in the system without increasing the thickness of the structure itself.

Almost certainly iPhone will keep shooting at a resolution of 12 megapixels, so the finished photos don’t weigh too much, and extra megapixels will be used to increase clarity. However, if desired, users will likely have the option to enable 48-megapixel mode.

In addition, new elements are also waiting for an updated front camera. What resolution it will have is not yet specified, but, according to industry experts, the main thing is that the front camera receives an autofocus function and its aperture is increased to f / 1.9, thanks to which the images will be uniform. better.