IPage VPS Hosting Review: Feature Comparison

For those looking for an affordable price and scalable computing power support, here’s our review of iPage VPS VPS hosting to highlight one of our favorite business cases. The host has a long history of helping small businesses get online by bringing together abundant technology resources, free tools, and flexible simplicity.

As businesses grow too big for the site builders and social media tools found in iPage’s shared hosting plans, the company is ready to help customers make the switch to a Virtual Private Server or VPS. Read on to see how the increased control and performance of iPage VPS plans can affect your business growth.

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IPage VPS Hosting Review: 4.6 / 5.0 Score

Shared hosting plans, especially those through iPage VPS hosting that comes with unlimited resources and comprehensive design and marketing tools, all at an extremely affordable price, are appealing to new site owners and new businesses. grass. However, growing organizations looking for more performance and reliability may not be able to afford the giant leap to a dedicated server.

This is where VPS hosting comes in. With iPage, customers can take advantage of a semi-private server that is only shared with a few other customers. If guaranteed memory and high-speed storage aren’t enough, iPage’s instant scalability allows your site to scale up and down to cope with fluctuating traffic.

We love that iPage even includes many of the same free plugins that are more generally limited to the shared hosting realm. Enjoy free domain name registration and hundreds of search engine marketing credits, plus the other perks listed in our review below: A monthly starting price of $ 19.99

  • Includes cPanel, CentOS, and optional root access
  • High-speed mirror storage and guaranteed RAM
  • Pre-installed scripts: PHP, Perl, Python & Rails
  • To have a 20% discount on your first month when you register
  • More discounts available for long-term projects

PJ Fancher (HostingAdvice.com): If you are looking for an affordable VPS hosting solution and cPanel support, iPage has a great deal. This is perfect for those who are smart enough to know they need VPS hosting but don’t have the time or skills to play with a self-managed system.

Money-back guarantee Disk space Domain name VPS hosting plans
30 days 40 GB – 120 GB FREE (1 year) www.ipage.com/vps

How does iPage VPS Hosting compare to the competition?

With a wide range of pros and cons with iPage VPS plans, customers would do well to compare the host’s offerings with those of other providers. Some of our favorites, listed below, place a similar emphasis on affordability, while others prioritize reliability and storage with capable SSDs. Feel free to explore these three options and click on the link below to see even more options.


Monthly starting price $ 4.99

  • Managed or not, on Windows or Linux
  • Cloud hosting with hourly or monthly billing
  • Instant upgrades with no downtime
  • FREE 24 hour surveillance
  • Automatic nightly backups are available
Money-back guarantee Disk space Domain name VPS hosting plans
N / A 30 GB to 750 GB SSD New or transfer www.hostwinds.com/vps


Monthly starting price is $ 6.00

  • $ 6 per month without a contract, without change
  • The latest news in PHP, MySQL, Perl, Python, and Ruby
  • 7 operating system options for Linux or Windows
  • Full root access and choice of data center

InterServer’s on-premises data center and its hands-on involvement in configuring and provisioning Virtual Private Servers provide customers with a level of flexibility unheard of by many other hosting providers. InterServer rationalizes VPS and cloud resources across all segments.

Money-back guarantee Disk space Domain name VPS hosting plans
N / A 30 GB SSD – 480 GB SSD New or transfer www.interserver.net/vps


The monthly starting price is $ 4.00

  • More flexible and affordable cloud VPS
  • Managed Services, Firewall, and Load Balancer
  • Intel Premium processor with 300% more power
  • Choose between monthly or hourly billing

Backed by cutting-edge cloud computing technology, Kamatera adds instant and unlimited scalability to the VPS hosting market. Each cloud or virtual server is equipped with lightning-fast SSD storage and Intel Xeon Platinum processors.

Money-back guarantee Disk space Domain name VPS hosting plans
30-day FREE trial 20 GB to 4 TB SSD New or transfer www.kamatera.com/vps

iPage VPS Reviews by Feature

Because VPS hosting is a much bigger investment than shared hosting, you’ll want to know more about the business and the plans you’re considering. To learn more about the benefits iPage offers to its customers, see how we rate business features, pricing, performance, and support.

Among the most beginner-friendly hosting providers out there, iPage offers several easy-to-use tools to make your transition to virtual server hosting as seamless as possible. The company offers customers up to four compute cores, depending on the plan, and an average amount of storage and bandwidth to start with, but site owners can instantly control and deliver more resources as needed. Offering fairly standard features, iPage is perfect for new VPS customers.

For the more tech-savvy VPS customers, iPage plans include optional root access and SAN mirrored storage. Users can configure an unlimited number of MySQL domains, subdomains, email accounts, and databases, and iPage comes with PHP 5, Perl, Python, and Ruby on Rails preinstalled. Managed support is included, but it is a basic service compared to other providers. The hosting company will basically handle basic security updates and OS patches, but that’s about it. Everything else, and you’ll have to pay for up-to-date help or contact tech support.

Prices: IPage VPS

For the most part, iPage VPS plans compete with other budget-conscious hosting companies, including sister companies Bluehost and HostGator. This price can be a godsend for lean businesses that are just starting out and have to justify every expense.

IPage VPS Hosting Review

A better deal will be hard to find, and you won’t necessarily sacrifice features. Due to iPage’s very tight margins, we believe the company’s VPS plans have a slightly shorter lifespan for customers. You’ll likely beat the iPage VPS options a bit faster than signing up with a more expensive, powerful host, but it’s still a bridge you can walk through later when your pockets are a bit deeper.

iPage VPS Hosting Reliability and support:

iPage VPS Unfortunately, with iPage’s bargain on VPS plans, comes a bit of “you get what you pay for.” While the company’s shared hosting plans come with additional benefits for website building, online marketing, and email, much of that is taken away at higher levels of VPS and more. ‘dedicated hosting.

This leaves customers with infrastructure and performance that is somehow not backed by an uptime guarantee. While this may be acceptable in shared hosting circles for bloggers and those who need online portfolios once every few years, the lack of promised credentials or reliability thresholds is a huge negative for VPS customers. who need your business websites to always be available to attract and convert. clients.

The company runs a fairly standard customer support operation, with technicians available to help the system 24/7 through phone, live chat, and e-tickets. You might have to wait a bit for a response, but you can spend some time browsing the iPage knowledge base and user guides.

Conclusion iPage VPS

Overall, iPage is a good (but not great) option for VPS hosting. The company’s hosting services are a better option for new site owners looking for an affordable way to build their first website, and these easy-to-use features are transformed into a hassle-free VPS hosting experience. . However, for larger organizations with more demanding requirements, you may want to take a closer look at some of the powerful alternatives earlier in the article.

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