iPad Not Connecting to Wi-Fi: How to Fix It?

iPad Not Connecting to Wi-Fi: iPad without an internet connection loses some of its functionality. Most tablet actions are performed over the network. Without it, updates, synchronization with other devices, app downloads and of course normal web browsing is not available.

iPads that support cellular Internet connections have an alternative besides Wi-Fi. And the user of such a device will always find a way to connect.

During eleven years of using different models of iPad, I periodically encountered a similar problem.

If your tablet only supports Wi-Fi networks, you have probably encountered at least one Wi-Fi connection problem. Since this is the only way to access the network on such devices, its absence can affect the most inopportune moment. If, for example, your work on the tablet requires the Internet. In this article, we will see how to restore wifi– connect to an iPad.

iPad Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

In most cases, a software solution to the problem helps.

Determine what the tablet has connection problems can be based on several main features:

  • There is no icon in the status bar indicating that there is a Wi-Fi connection.
  • The icon is present, but there is no Internet connection. Network pages do not open.

If there is an icon in the tray, be sure to try to open several popular sites. For example, Yandex. At present, it is very likely that some sites or applications that you use are blocked.

Therefore, performance should be checked against known resources, as the possibility of blocking is low. Be sure to test the network on another device. If everything works and opens on the smartphone, then you need to take care of the iPad.

With this switch, Wi-Fi can be completely disabled. By the way, it is useful for long trips, when it is important to save charge.

In such a situation, the first and simplest thing to do is to restart wifi in a tablet. Keep in mind that turning off Wi-Fi through the control center does not completely turn off the module, but only interrupts the search for a network for a while. To turn it off completely:

  • Open Settings.
  • Go to the Wi-Fi section.
  • Turn Wi-Fi off and turn it back on after a few minutes.

Make sure to try opening a few sites or apps after these steps. Maybe the problem has been solved.

If turning off Wi-Fi didn’t help, the next step is to restart the iPad. For this you need:

  • Hold down the lock button until the disable slider appears on the screen.
  • Drag the slider from left to right.
  • Wait until your tablet screen is completely off.
  • Turn on the iPad while holding down the lock button.

After that, check the network performance by accessing an internet resource. For more reliability, you can perform a forced restart. On tablets with a home button, you will need to hold down the home and lock buttons until the Apple logo appears on the screen. On an iPad without a home button:

  • Press and immediately release the volume button closest to the lock button.
  • Press and immediately release the volume button away from the lock button.
  • Press and hold the lock button.
  • When the Apple logo appears, release the lock button.

Most often after a reboot wifi connection, problem-the network disappears and the tablet connects to it without problems. If all the actions described above did not bring the desired result, the next step is to reconnect to the network with which there are problems. This will require:

  • Go to settings.
  • Go to the Wi-Fi section.
  • Opposite the network to which the tablet is trying to connect or where the Internet does not work, you need to click “i”.

Before you forget a network, make sure you know its password.

  • In the menu that opens, click on “Forget this network”.
  • After disconnecting from it, reconnect to the desired network.

Without a password, you will not be able to reconnect to the network.

But there are situations where the error is not in the iPad but in the network itself. In such a situation, it is necessary to solve the problems directly with the router and the provider.

First, try to distribute the Internet from your smartphone and make sure it works Wi-Fi on a tablet. If the connection has been established and everything is working, then everything is in order with the module.

Since most modern routers automatically connect to the network, try restarting it by turning off the power for a while. If a to restart did not help, then in the router settings you need to check the number of allowed connections. Very often, a limited number of possible connections are exposed. And then if the limit is exceeded, new devices cannot connect.

If after all these manipulations the problem persists, then contact your service provider and find out if there are any problems on his side.

Factory Reset – iPad

Don’t be afraid to resort to resetting your network settings. This often turns out to be a very useful procedure.

Until the failure on the provider side is confirmed, there are two other ways to solve the problem. They are the most radical, but most often give results if all the previous ones have not helped.

It involves resetting network settings and resetting the tablet itself to factory settings. For Reset network settings necessary:

Keep in mind that resetting network settings will delete every saved Wi-Fi network from the tablet’s memory.

  • Go to settings.
  • “Basic” section.
  • At the very bottom, “Transfer or reset iPad”.
  • Click “Reset”.
  • Select “Reset Network Settings”.

After that, all network settings will be reset, saved Wi-Fi networks will be forgotten. The connection will need to be reconfigured. If the problem persists after performing a network settings reset, proceed to the last software method to fix the connection problem – factory reset. This will require:

Resetting the tablet to factory settings is the most drastic, yet effective software method to fix most issues.

  • Create a backup conveniently for you. On your computer or iCloud.
  • Go to settings.
  • “Basic” section.
  • At the very bottom, “Transfer or reset iPad”.
  • Click “Erase Content and Settings” and follow the instructions on the iPad screen.
  • After the reset, you need to set up the tablet as new and verify that the network is working. There may have been a bug in the software.

If that didn’t help, then there’s the last and saddest reason for no Wi-Fi connection – This is a breakdown of the Wi-Fi module. In such a situation, the way is in the service center.