What to do When iPad Mini Does Not Charge?

What to do when your iPad Mini Does Not Charge? Apple regularly releases updates to its operating systems. Using minor updates, the company brings minimal enhancements, security fixes, and stability improvements to its devices.

But sometimes it also happens that some of the most important functions stop working. So it happened with the latest update of iPadOS 15.5. Tablets iPad mini 6 After installing this firmware, they just stop charging.

Surprisingly, the issue only occurred with the latest generation of iPad Mini.

There is no point in running to a service center with a solution to such a problem because the error here is software-only. Let’s see what to do to get the tablet to start charging again.

iPad Mini Does Not Charge

How to Charge iPad Mini?

Luckily, the update to iPadOS 15.5 didn’t break charging on other devices either.

To solve the problem of charging your iPad mini you need to start by checking the charger. Try a different wire and power supply. Maybe one of them broke. You then have no further action to take.

Everything will be limited to the purchase of a new charger. If it’s not about reloading, your further actions depend on the iPad that you installed. To determine this, you need:

  • Go to settings.
  • Open the “Basic” section.
  • Go to “About this device”.

Here, in the “Software version” item, the software version will be indicated. Software problem with loading iPad mini 6 validated only for iPadOS 15.5. If another version is installed and the charger works normally, try restarting the tablet:

  • Go to settings.
  • Open “Basic”.
  • Click “Disable” and drag the slider that appears from left to right.
  • After turning off the tablet, press and hold the lock button until the logo appears on the screen and

If that doesn’t help, there’s only one reset left. iPad mini before factory settings. Before doing this, make sure to create a backup so as not to lose important data. To reset you will need:

  • Go to settings.
  • Open the “Basic” section.
  • Scroll down and open Transfer or Reset iPad.
  • Select “Erase Content and Settings” and follow the on-screen instructions Tablet.

After the reset is complete, check the load. If your tablet still does not charge, contact your services Center.

How to Install iPadOS Beta?

I’m glad the problem was mild and solved with a banal blink.

If you have already upgraded to iPadOS 15.5 and you can’t charge the tablet, you need to use some tricks. Some users write this reboot iPad mini 6 helps for a while. Start with her. If a temporary fix isn’t your method, updating to one of the current solutions will help here. beta versions firmware. Currently, you can install iPadOS 16 and iPadOS 15.6. On these versions, there is no charging problem.

Note that it is better not to install beta versions of firmware on the main devices, except in such cases. In any case, remember to make backup copies to avoid losing important information. Due to iPadOS 16 not even being released for public testing yet, I advise you to install version 15.6.

To install beta firmware on iPad mini, you must:

  • Go to the site with profiles for beta versions of firmware.

The site is very visual and easy to use.

  • Scroll to the correct version iPadOS in our case – iPadOS 15.
  • Click the “Install Profile” button.

Warning about the need to make backup copies before installation.

  • In the window that appears, accept the installation by clicking “Install anyway!”.

The profile appears immediately in the settings after clicking the “Allow” button.

  • Allow the profile to be downloaded to the device.
  • Go to settings.
  • “Basic” section.

Now the profiles are located together with the VPN in the same settings item.

  • Open “VPN and device management.

The profile must be defined. Without installation, you will not be able to download the beta version.

  • Expand the downloaded profile and click the “Install” button.

After restarting, the desired beta version will be immediately available for installation.

After installation, restart the tablet and open the “Software Update” section. It will appear as beta version firmware whose profile you installed.

Then it remains to update in a standard way, as you have always done. The loading problem on the tablet will be solved immediately.