Where to Get All iOS 16 Wallpapers and Install Them on Your iPhone

Get All iOS 16 Wallpapers: Every year iOS update, which Apple traditionally releases in September, not only contains new features, but also new wallpapers. There are two options to install them on your device.

The first is to install a test version of the update or wait for the official release. And the second is just to download all new desktop images with our help. For your convenience, we’ve combined all the screensavers in one place so you don’t have to put your iPhone at risk by upgrading to beta.

iOS 16 has a set of cool new wallpapers

Se iOS16 only wears 5 new screen savers. But since iPadOS 16, with all the differences, is actually part of it, we decided to combine the images available as part of the mobile and tablet versions of the OS. In the end, nothing will stop you set on iPhone wallpaper from the iPad – they certainly won’t look any worse.

New wallpapers – iOS 16

iOS 16 Wallpapers

Beautiful and casual wallpapers are an Apple feature

Three images appeared in iOS 16, made in roughly the same style: abstract figures in pastel colors. Nothing incomprehensible, but very interesting and even beautiful. These are suitable if the images with realistic images are already tired and you want something light and discreet.

The fourth desktop image is made in the Pride style and actually depicts a rainbow. But, apparently, in order not to irritate users who are unwilling to minorities, whose flag is the rainbow, it was decided to add a few more colors to it. As a result, it turned out both ours and yours. On the one hand, there is a hint of LGBT support, but on the other hand, it seems not to be.

iOS 16 Wallpapers

Clownfish is a wallpaper from the very first version of iPhoneOS

Fifth the image appeared in iOS 16 only with the release of the third beta version. this clown fish picture. Calling it a new language is out of the question, as it’s been available on iOS since the very first iPhone. True, for the 15th anniversary, the image was “tightened up” a bit, adding perspectives to it for use on the lock screen.

Pictures for iPad – at least some of them – as for me, they look a bit more interesting. From the images, which depict something resembling flowers, it immediately becomes clear that they were not drawn in Photoshop. Most likely, we have real photos taken by professional photographers who skillfully work with backlighting.

Download Wallpapers from iOS 16

iOS 16 Wallpapers

iPad wallpapers are a 3:4 ratio

However, a couple of pictures from iPadOS demonstrate continuity with iOS images. These are the same abstractions made in pastel colors. I have no doubt that they were made, as they say, “manually”, and not just tasked with drawing artificial intelligence. But visually, for my taste, they look a little simpler.

All images available in iOS and iPadOS 16, we hosted in our Google Drive in Original quality. That is, you can download them for all your devices, as long as their screen sizes match the image sizes.

For instance, iPadOS desktop images are suitable for the iPhone, although they are cut off at the edges due to the aspect ratio. But on the contrary, it is unlikely.

It’s easy to download these images for yourself:

Downloaded images appear in Camera Roll

  • Hold your finger on the screen and click “Save”;

Wallpaper can be set on both the desktop and lock screen

  • Go to “Settings” – “Wallpaper”;
  • Select the downloaded image and place it on your desktop or lock screen.

As these are images only, do not expect them to activate on your device with an iOS 15 customizable iOS 16 lock screen. The maximum you can adjust is the parallax effect. But not more.

And, if you want to experiment with the lock screen, install the iOS 16 beta which is now available to everyone, or wait for the official release of the update.