iOS 16 Security Check, the new feature of iOS 16 so that nothing and no one can spy on you

iOS 16 Security Check: Apple included a new privacy setting in iOS 16 called Security Checkup, we tested it to see how it works.

With iOS 16 many interesting new things come to our iPhone, such as the new home screen, removing the background from a photo or a way to protect against Pegasus, but in addition to all this Apple also wanted to go further in terms of privacy.

Apple is one of the companies that cares the most about privacy and in iOS 16 we have a new test called security check.

It is a function designed for users who suffer from domestic violence, although it can be used by any user. The Security Check function of iOS 16 allows us to immediately revoke access that other people and applications may have to our location and perform a thorough security review of our iPhone.

There are many exciting new features in iOS 16

If circumstances or trust levels change, Safety Check lets you sign out of people, apps, and devices you no longer want to stay connected to.

iOS 16 Security Check

It’s true that what the new iOS 16 Security Control It’s not that it’s new, but it consolidates many functions in one place to make it easier for users. It is a kind of “panic button” that allows us to immediately disconnect our iPhone from all people, applications and devices.

Additionally, you also have the option to use Safety Check to manage who you share your location with, no need to revoke all permissions. Here’s how to access the security check:

  • On an iPhone with iOS 16, go to Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap Privacy and Security.
  • Swipe down again and enter security check.
  • You will now see two options that you can: Emergency reset and management of data access and sharingFace ID, Touch ID or a passcode is required to enter.
    • emergency reset Immediately restore access for all people and apps and verify your account security.
    • Manage access and shared data This will allow you to customize who and which apps can access your information and verify account security.

Security Checkup is iOS 16’s new privacy feature

With this new parameter available, you will be able to see in seconds if there are people or applications that have access to your location, your photos and other types of data and revoke all those permissions very quickly.

And with the push of a few buttons, you can revoke all of those accesses. Something really useful.