IOS 16 Release Beta: Not long to wait

On the WWDC 2023 Apple has introduced new versions of operating systems for iPhone, iPad, mac and apple watch. There was a hitch with the tablet version, and its release is delayed by at least a month.

We talked about it in a separate article. macOS always comes out later in the fall. The release of smartphone and watch operating systems today should go as planned. The range of new iPhone 14 should be presented on September 7. So get out operating system available September 8-16.

iOS 16 will radically transform the look of your iPhones.

Considering that in previous years Apple always released the system a week after the presentation, the only exception was 2020, when iOS 14 was available for installation the next day after being shown iPhone 12. In this situation, the most logical option is September 16.

iOS 16 – What’s New?

The music player is now displayed at the bottom of the lock screen.

Undoubtedly, iOS 16 release will be one of the most anticipated results of the fall Apple Presentations. As is usually the case, with new iPhones, the system always receives special and exclusive functions only for these devices. Yes, at the same time as the release. iPhone 14 Pro we’ll see how the adjustment will be made Always displayed and whether there will be additional customization settings for new devices.

ios 16 Wiki

We have published many articles on our website regarding iOS 16 featuresin a few words, we recall what the update will include:

  • Customizable lock screens with support for widgets that can change based on time or location.
  • New security features in the form of a lock mode and security controls, thanks to which data on iPhone will be reliably protected in any situation.
  • The medication reminder in the Health app prevents you from forgetting to take important medications.
  • The ability to remove duplicates and edit multiple photos at once in the standard gallery.
  • Apple passport. The ability to log in to sites using biometrics without a password.
  • Live Activities – interactive banners on the lock screen that display the information you need online. For example, moving a taxi towards you.
  • Small minor improvements in the form of touch keyboard, notification sounds, built-in iMessage converter.

And this is not a complete list of what Apple will delight its users this fall. As usual, stability, performance will be improved and old system vulnerabilities will be closed. Additionally, some apps will get small but long-awaited features like deleting and editing messages in iMessage.

ipad ios 16: How to Install iOS 16?

The widgets on the lock screen are very neat and do not distract from the main information.

IOS 16 Release Beta

If you don’t want to wait for the release and can’t wait to try the new version right now, you can install iOS 16 public beta. For this you need:

Keep in mind that beta versions not all operating systems are stable and you should not install them on your main devices. The performance of some programs without optimization by their developers is not guaranteed. If you decide to install anyway, remember create backups.

WatchOS 9 – What’s new?

Athletes will enjoy training in the new watchOS 9.

Together with iOS 16 release a new operating system for watches should also be released – watch OS 9. In a separate article, we considered all the innovations of the system. We recall the main ones:

  • Three new watch faces and additional customization options for existing faces.
  • Definition of sleep phases.
  • Medication reminder.
  • Updated the Training section to show heart rate zones and more detailed exercise information.
  • History of the ECG.
  • Make calls through messengers.
  • Focus adjustment for each dial individually.
  • Schedule request.

And these are not all the innovations, but only the most notable ones. Install watchOS 9 beta I sincerely do not advise due to the inability to roll back to watchOS 8. But if you still decide to install, you can use our instructions, in which we describe in detail how to do this.

Anyway, regarding watchOS Definitely worth the wait for the release. Moreover, there is not much time left in front of him. In addition, to install it, in any case, you will have to update iphone to ios 16and that’s not what everyone wants.