iOS 16 Notification Changes: How to It?

iOS 16 Notification Changes: Apple has introduced a notification overhaul in iOS 16!

With the release of iOS16 Apple introduced one of the greatest designs seen on the locked screen. And with several betas available, we’ve already been able to test some of the most radical changes we’ll see in our iPhone, with the official launch this fall. One of the most notorious is seen in notifications.

Until now, notifications on the lock screen came from the top of the device. From iOS 16, notifications will come out from the bottom. You can also swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see notifications, then swipe down to hide them.

iOS 16 Notification Changes: More than notifications

Of course, this feature also allows you to enjoy customization options for show notifications, with different layouts according to our taste the notifications may appear as a standard list, stack, or count of numbers indicating the number of notifications.

He can also select one of these default layouts for the lock screen using a new menu in Settings, as follows:

  • Start app Settings on your ‌iPhone‌.
  • hurry Notice.
  • to touch Show as.
  • Select to select one of the following options: Count, stack, and list.

Selecting one of these options you will see the result immediately when displaying notifications on the lock screen, depending on the selected setting.

From iOS 16 Apple offers a lock screen completely redesigned, inspired by apple watch widgets. Thus, notifications on the lock screen now appear from the bottom and can be hidden at the bottom of the lock screen.

Another of the novelties that should be seen in the notifications of iOS 16 includes Live activities. Using this, it’s possible to pin notifications that act as widgets, like the live sports scores from the Apple TV app that stay on the lock screen. It works through a new API allowing developers to leverage and create new persistent experiences.

The update to this feature, which we interact with on a daily basis, is now available to all users who have downloaded the iOS 16 public beta.