iOS 16 Lets You Remove Many Other Pre-Installed Apps

iOS 16 Lets You Remove Many Other Pre-Installed Apps: In iOS 16, Apple has increased the number of apps preinstalled on the iPhone that can be deleted

Deleting applications that are reinstalled on the iPhone has been possible for several generations, but with iOS 16 the list of applications that we can remove has increased. iOS has many basic apps that are installed on every device, but now we can remove 4 more apps.

The the total list of apps you can delete in iOS now reaches 31 after iOS 16 arrives, and these same apps can also be uninstalled if you have iPadOS 16 or watchOS 9.

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iOS 16 Lets You Remove Many Other Pre-Installed Apps

If you already have iOS 16, iPadOS 16 or watchOS 9 on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watchyou will be able to uninstall these four pre-installed apps that you previously couldn’t in previous versions:

  • Camera
  • The clock
  • Look for
  • Aptitude

You can remove any of the Apple apps from your device as you would any other app third-party apps, long press the app, tap Delete app and tap Delete app.

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Which Apple apps can you uninstall from iPhone and iPad?

In 2016, iOS 10 came with the ability to delete a total of 24 Apple apps. Subsequent software updates gradually increased the number of stock apps users could delete to 26.

With iOS 14 and iOS 15 Apple has added more apps to its list and with iOS 16 we have already seen that there are 4 new apps that you can delete. So, the total number of native iOS apps you can currently delete is 30:

  • Apple Books
  • Folders
  • shortcuts
  • Bag
  • Compass
  • Look for
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Tips
  • contacts
  • Camera
  • face to face
  • Aptitude
  • Beginning
  • itunes store
  • E-mail
  • Maps
  • Measures
  • Music
  • Ratings
  • voice notes
  • information
  • podcast
  • Reminders
  • The clock
  • Time
  • Translate
  • TV
  • Videos
  • look

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Of course, despite this, you should know that pre-installed apps on iOS barely take up space in the device memory, so even if you delete them, you won’t gain too much space.

iOS built-in apps are designed to be very space efficient, so together they use less than 200MB. Deleting built-in iOS apps does not free up storage space on your device.

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Of course it’s a very good news for users. Known as “bloatware,” any pre-installed software that companies include in their operating systems should be removable if the user chooses, and Apple continues to move in that direction.