iOS 16 Beta 6 has been released. What’s new and how to update now

Not everyone is waiting for the start of fall. The exceptions are iPhone owners who want upgrade to iOS 16. So far, the new OS is in beta testing, and frankly, there’s a full order. So, on Monday, August 15, Apple released iOS 16 beta 6 – just a week after the fifth beta.

This suggests that Apple is in the final stretch before the release of the new operating system, and that work on it is in full swing in Apple Park. Let’s take a look at what’s new in iOS 16 beta 6 and how to install it if you’re not a developer.

A new iOS 16 beta has been released. Let’s see what’s new and how to install it

What’s New in iOS 16 Beta

It looks like there’s nothing new in iOS 16 beta 6 other than bug fixes

Believe it or not, this the beta version does not contain new chips per se: exclusively corrections of already existing problems. In any case, the modest update file size – 426 MB. And here is what has been fixed.

  • The display pointer was inaccurate on the external display when Assistive Touch was enabled.
  • Fixed a bug due to which emoji search box did not appear when clicked.
  • We fixed an issue in the Home app that could prevent some devices from connecting.
  • When creating an account in iCloud, the system offered to create another account for some reason.
  • When moving messages in the mail the banner did not disappear in the “remind me later” folder.
  • Fixed bugs in the Weather app.

Basically, that’s it. At this time, Apple no longer offers anything new in betas. Let me remind you that more or less noticeable changes appeared in the previous beta version, for example, the battery percentage was introduced in the iPhone with Face ID.

How to Install iOS 16 Beta?

Despite the restrictions of recent months by Apple, iOS 16 beta 6 can be downloaded and installed by everyone. Installing a new iOS, especially when it’s in beta testing, is always a lottery. So, remember the build number of this update – 20A5349b – if you suddenly want to revert to a stable version.

Anyone can install a beta developer profile without restrictions

  • Download the iOS 16 beta profile from this link. Please note that due to the flow of visitors, the site may temporarily not open.
  • Go to Settings, select “Profile loaded”.
  • Install it and restart your iPhone.
  • Go to “Software Update”, find the new system version and install iOS 16 beta 6.

By tradition, we remind you that before installing the beta version of iOS, it is better to “back up” – create a backup. This will help you if something suddenly goes wrong.