Carefully! iOS 15.6 Battery Drain Issue

ios 15.6 Battery Drain Issue: iOS updates It’s a big lottery. Even if the next update does not contain any functional innovation, only fixes, there is no guarantee that installing it will not harm your iPhone. No, of course, updates, as a rule, do not cause irreparable harm.

But disrupting the operation of certain functions or reducing iPhone Battery Life can easily. This happened with the release of iOS 15.6, which actually crippled the battery of some models.

iOS 15.6 drains the battery of almost all iPhone models faster

After iOS 15.6 installs, the release of which took place last week, many users began to complain about the decrease in battery life. Judging by the reviews, the problem affects a fairly wide range of iPhone owners, regardless of model. Because on the thematic sites where one can complain about iOS updates complaints from users of different iPhone generations have been recorded.

ios 15.6 Battery Drain Issue: iPhone started running out of battery quickly – on iOS 15.6

Last night installed iOS 15.6. In the morning, I discovered that the iPhone, charged up to 100%, was discharged at 28%, being at rest. During this time, he never touched it, and he himself, if everything was fine, simply could not be unloaded. I always turn on Do Not Disturb at night so there’s no chance of getting drained by continuous notifications, one user wrote.

A summary analysis of the situation showed that for those whose iPhones started draining faster after updating to iOS 15.6 this turned out to be a lot. Of course, for everyone, rapid relaxation manifests itself in different ways.

Some iPhones drain faster during operation, and someone loses charge even in a sleeping state, just lying on the table. So, technically, one could assume that these issues are caused by various reasons, but blogger AppleBytes has shown that this is not the case.

He tested multiple iPhone models at once, ranging from the iPhone 6s to iPhone 13, and found a noticeable decrease in smartphone battery life afterward. updates on iOS 15.6.

How many iPhones live on iOS 15.5?

  • iPhone SE – 2 hours 48 minutes
  • iPhone 6s – 3 hours 27 minutes
  • iPhone 7 – 3 hours 46 minutes
  • iPhone 8 – 3 hours 33 minutes
  • iPhone XR – 5 hours 9 minutes
  • iPhone 11 – 5 hours 19 minutes
  • iPhone 12 – 5 hours 48 minutes
  • iPhone SE 2020 – 3 hours 39 minutes
  • iPhone 13 – 8 hours 28 minutes

How many iPhones live on iOS 15.6?

  • iPhone SE – 2 hours 37 minutes
  • iPhone 6s – 3 hours 24 minutes
  • iPhone 7 – 3 hours 33 minutes
  • iPhone 8 – 3 hours 24 minutes
  • iPhone XR – 4 hours 56 minutes
  • iPhone 11 – 5 hours 3 minutes
  • iPhone 12 – 6 hours 18 minutes
  • iPhone SE 2020 – 3 hours 33 minutes
  • iPhone 13 – 7 hours 52 minutes

As you can see, in the vast majority of cases iPhone battery life has dropped after the update. Not as serious as users write it. However, be aware that iAppleBytes performs synthetic tests that only simulate real-world usage. Therefore, its data may differ from what you receive on a daily basis.

Do I need to install iOS 15.6?

In most cases, autonomy does not suffer very significantly but still suffers

It is significant that 8 out of 9 smartphones tested by Applebees were affected by a bug that caused the premature discharge. Of course, this loss cannot be called critical. However, the fact that the problem affected almost 90% of the devices tested indicates that it can manifest itself on the devices of a wide range of users.

The only exception was iPhone 12. It’s even weird, but for some reason, after the update, it started to live even longer than before. And his autonomy grew quite well. If all the other devices lost an average of 10-15 minutes, it gained up to 30 minutes of battery life, which is a very, very valid indicator. Especially under real operating conditions.

I have already written an article on what I recommend installing iOS 15.6 at least because of the fixed bugs and vulnerabilities. After all, at least one issue that this update fixes happened to me.

Telegram cached more than 35 GB of space on my iPhone, which could not be cleared, and installing the update solved this problem. But since I’m using the iPhone 12, I didn’t notice any lack of battery life.

Why am I? And to the fact that, apparently, the iPhone 12 really turned out to be protected against autonomy issues, and if you own this particular model, you’ll probably be able to upgrade it without any hassle.

But for everyone else, it’s probably worth delaying the update installation and waiting for the patch to be released with the fix. Considering that Apple still has two whole months before iOS 16 release there is no doubt that iOS 15.6.1 will always be.