Instagram the Change in the use of Hashtags

Instagram the change in the use of Hashtags. The company says this test will mix newer and more current content to see how people engage with it.

Instagram shuffles hashtag content in a new test that removes your Recents tab. Leaving only the Top posts and Reels tabs.

Instagram the change in the use of Hashtags

A new proof of Instagram could make it more difficult to view recent content in the app. Although, you can now search for all kinds of recent Instagram posts focused on a specific hashtag. With the new test, only posts with the most likes or Reels related to the hashtag will be allowed to be viewed.

Instagram Shuffles Hashtag Content and Disables Tab

Finding ways for users to interact with more system-ordered content has influenced changes in other platforms. Last month, Twitter made it harder to see things by defaulting users to an algorithmic timeline. However, he reversed this change after a few days.

Instagram Hashtags

When hashtags were introduced to Instagram, they were used to highlight trends in photography. However, now they are mainly a way for users to get more visibility and therefore likes. In addition to being able to categorize your content on the platform.

For this reason, Instagram has decided to use hashtags to promote the Top Posts and Reels tab. It could mean attracting more users and spending more time on the app. The “top posts” tab displays the most popular posts, and the recent tab displays information in chronological order. It doesn’t matter how many likes you get.

How do Hashtags work on Instagram?

Instagram hashtags are basically a way to tag and categorize the content. They then help Instagram show the posts to the right users. Ever since hashtags have been powering search results on Instagram’s Explore page. Moreover, hashtags also serve as a benchmark for Instagram’s algorithm. There are five main types of hashtags to consider:


Places, districts, cities and countries.

To mark

Campaigns, events or your brand.


Your business niche.


A specific group of people


The content of your current message.

There is no secret formula for how many of each of these hashtags you should include on Instagram. But you should know that up to 30 are allowed in a post. Therefore, you can use a small number of each category. It can help your Instagram strategy.


Social media apps continue to rely on algorithms to show users more varied and marketable content. Despite the backlash from users who prefer to view their timelines in chronological order. Instagram has launched and released features to try to make Reels more popular.

Especially because TikTok distracts users. This latest changes with hashtags and a recent tab, check it out.