Instagram Rolls out a Feature to Tag Products

Instagram has opened the feature to tag products for all USA users. This is to improve e-commerce on the platform. 

Tag Products on Instagram

Instagram has enabled product tagging for all US user accounts. Previously, the feature was only available to content creators and brands. Instagram first announced the update in March, and now it’s finally available.

Currently, you can only tag products in-feed posts. Instagram is working to make this feature available in Stories as well. Also, product tagging only works on public accounts, not private accounts.

How to tag products on Instagram

  1. Start creating a feed post.
  2. Click on “Tag people.”
  3. Find and label the mark first. There should be 2 options at the bottom labeled: “People” and “Products” tap on “Products.”
  4. Use the descriptors to find the product. Once you find the product, specify the styles and colors, then tap to add the tag.
  5. Tap “Share” to post the entry.

When creating a post with the product tagging feature of Instagram, you can get product information when someone touches the label. Via a product detail page on Instagram. Moreover, you can buy the product directly in the application. Additionally, interested people will be able to get information from the brand’s product detail page.

Instagram is Working on Features

Apart from working on the product tagging feature, Instagram is also developing other features and updates. In March, several new features were added to Mail. For example, sharing music, silent messages, and polls in group chats.

Instagram has also made the timeline feed option available to users on the mobile app. This feed allows you to disable the algorithm-sorted feed. Additionally, there is a third power option. The one allows users to see the publications of their favorite accounts displayed chronologically. But, algorithmic flow is still the default.


Instagram notes that it will expand the product tagging feature for users around the world in the coming months. In recent years, Instagram has gradually shifted towards selling products from the app. Thus, this update can allow users to identify the products featured in the posts easily.