Instagram launches new feature designed to discover popular sites

The new feature includes restaurants and popular places on maps in true Google Maps style.

Instagram has managed to become one of the most used social networks. Every day, millions of users connect to stay in touch with your friends, family or follow the life of influencers. For this same reason, the Meta team makes changes from time to time in order to improve the user experience of its mobile applications.

Specific, the latest novelty refers to the maps of the application. When you tap on a location tag in your feed or stories, or when you search for photos of a certain location, a preview of the location usually appears at the top. And, with the latest update, too the most popular sites in the region will be displayed with all sorts of details.

Instagram launches new feature :Latest Brings Popular Places Closer to Users

As we mentioned, with the latest update launched by Instagram, it will not only be possible to see any site on the map, but now they will be displayed different popular places nearby of the detailed location in question.

Finding popular sites will be much easier with the latest addition to Instagram

To access this new card, you must have the latest version of Instagram installed on your device. That done, you can access any map by clicking on a location beacon in any story, by clicking on the location that appears under the username in any post displayed in the feed, or directly by searching the social network.

When entering the new map, in addition to seeing the classic terrain some popular locations will be shown, with your name and all the details. Also, at the bottom you will have a summary of all the places people usually go with their contact details and corresponding images extracted from the Instagram accounts of each establishment.

If you see a certain place, you have the option to filter by type of establishment to locate: restaurants, bars, views, hotels… This way, planning a trip in true Google Maps style will be much easier and you won’t even have to leave Instagram.

This is what the new Instagram map looks like in which you can see the most popular establishments in a certain location

In this way, Instagram searches support local businesses in one way or another of each area. If one of your friends uploads a story to a certain site, you won’t even have to leave the app to be able to know all the most visited places plan your trip or just decide if it’s a good destination based on the most visited places in the area.