How to Improve Windows 10 Performance?

In this article, we will show How to Improve Windows 10 Performance? all by disabling some of its internal features. The system itself brings a series of functions and programs activated by default that we can easily deactivate if we think that we will not need them.

To do this, the first thing we must do is place ourselves in the Dashboard from the Windowsterms so that we can type in the Start menu search box to open it.

How to Improve Windows 10 Performance?

Disable some Windows 10 features to make it work better

Once we find ourselves on the screen with the aforementioned control panel, we must go to the section called “Programs”, where we click. Then, in the new window that appears, we opt for “Turn Windows features on or off” to leave room for the options we are talking about. It is then that a popup window where can you see a listing with features that we have the ability to permanently disable.

It is worth mentioning that in this section we find a good number of internal options of the operating system that we will have the possibility of disabling if we wish, as well as several programs.

Among these, we can highlight applications that have accompanied us for many years but that we rarely use as the Internet Explorer print app in PDF on Windows, legacy components, XPS documents, the virtual machine system, PowerShell, etc.

Therefore, to activate or deactivate everything we want in this section, we just have to click on the selector next to each of the elements that we see. In some cases, this will improve the performance of the Windows release process.