iMovie is updated with fantastic features to quickly edit videos

iMovie for iOS has been with us for a long time, the truth is that it has just reached version 3.0. Apple has updated its most popular video editing app for iOS with very interesting news and it will surely make life easier for anyone who is interested in editing videos directly from iPhone or iPad.

In fact, the main novelty of the new version of iMovie is that Apple has included new features to facilitate the creation and editing of videos. Of all of them, he stands out as the main magic movie that allows you to create personalized home videos with titles, transitions and music, in an automated and highly customizable way.

magic movie It’s similar to the automatic videos that Photos with Memories already does. but it increases its possibilities by adding much more customization and, above all, more types of content than the photos and videos of the reel.

Movie Magic’s operation is very simple: just choose a photo album from the library or any set of images from the library and iMovie will analyze the content to identify the best parts of the footage or the best photos and create a project from this one. them that we can then customize.

iMovie 3: A Perfect Tool for Content Creators

Another big new feature in iMovie 3 is very focused on content creators. Apple added a new feature called Storyboards teaches anyone new to creating and editing how to perfect storytelling techniques.

What Storyboards does is provide the ability for creators, instead of starting a project with an empty timeline, to have access to 20 different types of scripts of different themes so that they can then complete them.

This way, the way to create videos is simplified and you only have to add content and customize, instead of having to think about content order or start from scratch.

Additionally, each storyboard contains a shot list that organizes the scenes according to the story but the user can still add, delete and move the plans to customize the storyboards of his videos.

iMovie 3 has pre-built scripts for the most popular types of content, from cooking recipes to interviews to product reviews. The feature lets you choose different titles and transitions, fonts, filters, and color palettes, among others.