How to Restore Whatsapp on iPhone and from Google Drive using iCareFone

We tell you how to restore your WhatsApp on iPhone using Tenorshare and iCareFone.

Let’s be frank: manage the whatsapp backups on iPhone is a true madness. And if the setup and operation is complicated, imagine restore your whatsapp after a device change or after an emergency.

For this reason, when it comes to restoring our WhatsApp to iPhone, the easiest thing to do is to pull tools that facilitate this task, such as iCareFone by Tenorshare, a very useful software designed for this purpose.

So, iCareFone will not only let you restore WhatsApp completely, but you can also transfer your chats between Android and iOS and vice versa as well as make backup copies of all your conversations (media files included) and manage this data with total comfort.

Restore your WhatsApp with the help of iCareFone

For now, and in case you are curious, today we are going to tell you how can you restore whatsapp completely on your iPhone using this tool.

So you can restore your WhatsApp on iPhone: use Google Drive and iCareFone

First of all, you have to remember it so that you can restore your whatsapp from google drive you must have one first backup saved on your devicethis is something you can do directly from the whatsapp settings or from iCareFone main menu. Our advice is to activate automatic data backup via Google Drive so that every day or at least every week you have a copy of all your WhatsApp.

From there, and knowing that all our chats and files have been safely stored in Google Drive, we can proceed to restore them with iCareFone. Once you have the Tenorshare software downloaded and installed on your PC or Mac (remember you can try it for free) just go there and follow these Not:

  • In the main options panel, click “Security Copy” and make sure your device is connected to the tool (the easiest way is to connect the iPhone to the computer with the cable).
  • Click where it says “Download WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive”. When you do, you’ll need to sign in with your Google account.
  • You will see a panel with your account data and backup copies of it. There you will have to choose the copy you want to restore. If you only have one click “To continue”.
  • From there you will see that the program start download all your WhatsApp data stored in Drive.

Managing your WhatsApp couldn’t be easier

At this point we will already have our WhatsApp restored, so we will only have to decide or we want to take this data. So let’s continue the process.

  • Click on “To verify” and do the same with your WhatsApp account. You will need to provide the country code and phone number.
  • After a while, again depending on the volume of data, you will have your backup copy at your complete disposal: you can check it by clicking on “Show Backup”.
  • Choose the device where you want to restore this data (if we have an iPhone, we will choose “Restore to iOS”) and make sure that be connected to the computer by cable.
  • When you click “Restore”iCareFone will transfer all data to your device.
  • Finally, access your device again with the corresponding WhatsApp verification and… clever!

If in doubt, you can see the process in more detail and with screenshots of every step in iCareFone’s own guide, which is uploaded to their website.