Hulu vs Netflix: A Quick Look

Hulu vs Netflix: If you’re a little out of the internet streaming loop, you might have heard someone talk about Hulu long enough to ask you what it’s all about and if it’s worth a try. yourself. The question for many, however, comes down to whether or not Hulu is a better option than other streaming services like Netflix.

Hulu Basics

For many cable cutters, Hulu is a very valid alternative to cable. For a small monthly fee, users have access to everything on Hulu and can stream as much and as often as they want.

The service offers TV shows and movies through a wide range of partnerships with various studios such as MGM, Warner Bros., As a joint venture of NBC Universal, Fox Entertainment and ABC Inc, Hulu has the backing that allows it to go beyond many other video streaming sites and puts it at the very top in competition with Netflix.

In addition to popular episodes and music videos of current TV shows, Hulu offers a wide range of older TV shows and movies that would be hard to find anywhere else. This not only makes it the perfect place to watch the latest episode of your favorite TV show, but also a great place to watch the classics.

Hulu vs Netflix

As popular as Netflix is, there are at least a few good reasons why a cord cutter might want to choose Hulu over it. Here is what Hulu offers compared to Netflix:

Hulu offers live TV

This is the biggest differentiator between the two services. Although Netflix offers a variety of reruns of classic TV shows, it does not offer any live programming.

If you want to know who was expelled survivor or watch a live TV event like the Super Bowl, you’ll want to have Hulu.

Hulu may be cheaper

Both services offer fairly cheap plans. Hulu starts at $5.99 per month for a basic plan with no ads but no live TV. The service can go up to $43.99 or more if you add live TV and other perks, commercial-free programming, or unlimited concurrent screens to watch.

Netflix offers three different subscription plans and you can rent movies from their DVD plan only. It does not offer any live TV option. The most basic subscription starts at $9 per month and goes up to $16 per month, depending on how many screens you want to watch at the same time.

Hulu also produces original content

Like Netflix, Hulu also offers its own original series, such as The Handmaid’s Tale . It also has a variety of Hulu original movies, although you won’t hear as much about them as the ones available on Netflix. From that perspective, the two are the same, so the decision will come down to which service has more types of original programming you prefer.

If you’re undecided which streaming service to choose, you can take advantage of each of its free trials to decide for yourself which best suits your entertainment needs and tastes. It’s a good way to compare them side-by-side and see which best suits your needs.