Huawei Wireless Charger: Huawei AirPower

There is a story with which Manzana still has nightmares. Samsung and Xiaomi have previously been tasked with telling the Cupertino company that AirPower was not impossible: now it’s up to Huawei. The company also launched a wireless charger that allows multiple devices to be charged simultaneously, more precisely three.

And yes, it also made it possible to place the devices anywhere on the surface thanks to an array of 13 coils. The Huawei AirPower it is a reality and again reminds Apple of its disaster.

This is Huawei Wireless Charger

The company announced it for the Chinese market with little hope of seeing it in other parts of the world. The device listens to the name Huawei Multi-Device Wireless Charging Pad and to all Apple features failed to get started with his famous AirPower.

It is an elongated charger with an internal array of charging coils that allows the entire surface to charge. The advantage of the charger is that no matter where you place the mobile, the watch, or the headset, it will start to charge. And of course, you can simultaneously set up 3 devices at the top.

This is a really cool accessory if you have a wireless headset, smartwatch, and smartphone, as you only need a charger on the bedside table to get up with 100% battery in all devices. And above all without worrying about placing them correctly on the charger.

It is very curious to see how the main companies of the Android sector are making money with a product that Apple “invented” and has not been able, and in the years to come, has not been able to launch for “security issues.”

Huawei’s new charger that mimics AirPower’s non-existent costs 100 dollar change, a considerable number. The good news is that Xiaomi and Samsung also have similar options in the market which you can buy more easily and economically.