Huawei Watch Fit Review: Should You Buy?

Read Huawei Watch Fit Review, If you too are one of those who have decided once and for all to get in shape and take care of your health, there is an accessory that can help you achieve your goal: the Huawei Watch Fit watch.

This state-of-the-art smartwatch has been designed as the ideal complement for people who want to be healthy thanks to a device with good features and better value for money.

Then we show you everything this Smartwatch has to offer, so you can decide if it fits your needs in your daily and sports routines.

Huawei Watch Fit Review & Features

Probably the first thing that catches your eye is its shape, because unlike other square or circular competing smartwatches, Huawei launches its model on the market with a rectangular shape in order to increase the size of the screen (1.64 inches) and the user can see the displayed data more easily.

He has a total weight of 21 grams and according to the manufacturer it works perfectly up to a depth of 50 meters underwater. Its screen is made of curved glass and has a resolution of 280 x 456 pixels.

Another factor to take into account, since it is essential for many users, is the duration of its battery. Under normal conditions, Huawei Watch Fit battery lasts up to 10 days. Obviously this duration depends on the use that each one makes of it.

Why is it Ideal for Athletes?

First of all, it must be said that this Smartwatch can measure blood oxygen level, heart rate and it comes with GPS. But in addition, it has predefined exercises and routines so that the user only has to worry about achieving his goals.

In total, it offers 98 sports modes and for users who need more detailed explanations, 44 demonstrations have been included which work all parts of the body, both the limbs and the trunk.

And why do we say he is intelligent? Because it includes other options that can improve your general well-being, such as relaxation exercises.

Remember that there is only one version of this Huawei model, but the bracelets are available in three different colors (green, pink and black).

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