Huawei p50 Camera: First Glimpse of the Most Spectacular Version

The top of the range that is most expected on the whole market has just been filtered in real image. The Huawei p50 is just around the corner and today you can take a look at its final design. Of course, the version that was leaked did so with the most spectacular color and extravagant in the history of telephony. We don’t know if this is a test build or the final color, but what is certain is that Huawei has taken making eye-catching phones very seriously.

Huawei p50 Camera : Giant module and a color taken from a fantasy world

Huawei p50 Camera

The Huawei p50 filtered shows what is probably the most interesting part of the terminal: the back. There are two striking details: color module and camera. It is not known why, but Huawei could launch a version of the device with this striking pink with glitter. It is probably the most extravagant color of the year and it will not leave anyone indifferent.

The whole back is covered with a hot pink with glitter and the frames are painted the same tone. Even the buttons and the camera module get this spectacular color. If you buy this mobile, we can assure you that you will have to answer more than one question about your choice.

Huawei p50 Camera

Due to the general tone, the camera module remains in the background, a component that should stand out much more for its size. This module has 2 parts and 4 sensors: 3 in the upper circle and 1 in the lower circle. The lower sensor has a square shape, so it will be responsible for offering the Zoom so interesting to expect from Huawei.

Unfortunately the leak does not allow us to see the in front of the Huawei P50 to take a look at your screen. For now, you have to settle for this image and ask yourself if this pink color is the one you want to choose when it becomes available.