Huawei copies Apple and Samsung, farewell charger inside the box?

At the end of 2020 the controversy was served thanks to Manzana and their decision not to include chargers in their mobile cases. Today, several brands such as Samsung and Xiaomi have joined the initiative, albeit with somewhat different conditions. Samsung and Apple They are the most restrictive with this decision, while Xiaomi offers the option of sending the charger for free if you wish. Guess which is the last manufacturer to join? Indeed, Huawei sells some of his mobiles without charger included.

Without notice and with a discount for those who do not want it

Huawei copies Apple

It seems that Huawei has started to give a new option to its buyers in their home country. The company sells some high-end devices with the possibility of not include charger. The good news is, this is an option: you can buy it with or without charger. If you opt for the second option, you will have a direct discount of 30 euros / dollars.

This means that if you have a valid charger at home, you can save 30 euros / dollars purchase. Huawei is leading this strategy in China and we don’t know if it will reach other Western countries.

It is curious to know that this measure has not had an impact on networks or in the media so far, mainly because Huawei hasn’t announced anything about it. It simply posted the new options on its website so that users who want to take advantage of it can do so.

Huawei copies Apple: Everything indicates that it is not for environmental reasons

Huawei copies Apple

While brands like Apple or Samsung take the decision chest Huawei does not talk about it. What is the motive? The Chinese company would not implement this strategy to take care of the environment or reduce the number of shipments due to the reduction in boxes.

Everything indicates that the company has a Limited stock of charging IC chips you don’t want to spend before market restructuring. We’ve told you before that semiconductor companies are going through tough times and brands like Huawei might struggle to buy more charging chips.

The company’s solution is urge users to dislike their chargers offering an attractive discount on the purchase of terminals. It’s a decision you may or may not like, but what is clear is that Huawei solved the situation a lot better than Apple and Samsung.