How to Zoom With one finger on Google Maps

How to Zoom With one finger on Google Maps? Although Google Maps hides countless tricks, there is one in particular that goes unnoticed by the majority of users: zoom with one finger.

It is a gesture that is not too well known and greatly facilitates interaction with the Google application since it allows us to go faster around maps without having to zoom in or out with the usual plier’s gesture with thumb and forefinger. The trick provides since 2013 and it works on both Android and iOS.

How to Zoom With one finger on Google Maps?

To zoom on Google Maps with one finger, just give two taps on the screens, it will take hold of your finger on the second contact. With your finger on the screen, make a small movement up or down depending on whether you want to zoom in or zoom out.

if you slip at the top after this second key you will see that Zoom out while if you slip down the zoom will increase. Also, depending on how fast you move your finger, the zoom will have more or less depth. This way, if you want to adjust the zoom more precisely you just have to slide your finger little by little, while if you want to swipe you will have to make a quick movement.

Below these lines, you have a little video where the effect is visible. As you can see, there isn’t much mystery.

Ultimately, it’s a gesture to the sea of ​​simplicity which can be very useful for us to manage Google Maps with greater agility, moving on the map with just one of our fingers.