How to Watch YouTube on Apple Watch?

How to Watch YouTube on Apple Watch? If you think that Apple Watch Features only boil down to time viewing, exercise and sleep tracking, then you are seriously mistaken: Apple smartwatches allow you to do a lot of things, sometimes quite non-trivial, for example, watch a video. Do you think that makes no sense? You’re wrong: sometimes it helps when there’s no way to get an iPhone or iPad.

This can be done through third-party applications that developers create at will. We understand that watching videos on the Apple Watch is a dubious activity, you shouldn’t do it continuously, but you should definitely give it a try. We say how to watch youtube on apple watch.

How to Watch YouTube on Apple Watch?

Apple Watch is clearly not designed for watching videos: even the model with the largest screen is more like an old cellphone in terms of viewing comfort, but at least it can rotate video in a horizontal position. But the Apple Watch clearly needs more features to become an even more standalone device, independent of the iPhone.

Watching videos on Apple Watch is not so convenient, but sometimes this feature is very necessary

Apple is in no rush to add unusual features to watchOS, focusing on healthcare features, so all hope rests with third-party developers and their imaginations.

just appeared app to watch youtube on apple watch called WatchTube: it’s completely free and you don’t need an iPhone to set it up: just find it in the watchOS app store and start using it.

How to Watch YouTube on Apple Watch?

WatchTube contains all the features of YouTube app for iPhone

The WatchTube app provides basic options available in the standard desktop version or in the YouTube mobile app. It has four sections:

  • Home page;
  • Look for;
  • Library;
  • Settings.

Traditionally, the main page collects videos that are popular or you might like. In this case, directly on the Apple Watch, you can select the categories of videos to display on the main page. Search works with the keyboard, which is clearly inconvenient to use, so feel free to use dictation to type in the name of the video or channel.

WatchTube is as easy to use as regular YouTube

Viewer app YouTube on Apple Watch lets you subscribe to a channel or save a video and add it to a list to watch later in your library. Additionally, WatchTube allows you to include video subtitles and change text size, as well as play video audio through AirPods or using the built-in speakers.

How to Install WatchTube on Apple Watch?

Installing the app is very easy

I will be honest use WatchTube much easier than using the Android TV remote. But the installation process is also convenient.

  • You will need watchOS 6 or later to install the app, so you can even run the app on Apple Watch 3.
  • Download WatchTube from the link or search the app in the app store.
  • Click Install.
  • Once installed, you will need to scan a QR code which will allow you to log in to your account and access the video on your iPhone or iPad.
  • After that, you can find the necessary videos with familiar gestures and launch them with one touch.

The only negative is that the Apple Watch must be connected to the internet, so the already low battery will increase whether you are using an iPhone or an eSim. You’ll also need to strain your eyes to try to see the picture – don’t be surprised if they tire quickly. Got tired of it after half an hour of use.

What do you think? The decision is indeed quite controversial and unusual, but practical in places. I also like the feature set: it’s basically a full-fledged YouTube app on your wrist. Personally, I would never have thought that it would be possible to launch video on Apple Watch no additional updates.

It’s surprising that Apple didn’t think of it before: according to rumors, a camera for video calls could one day appear in the Apple Watch. By the way, Apple has a lot of strange ideas that make you feel uncomfortable – some of them were discussed in our article.