How to View Clipboard History on Mac

How to view clipboard history on mac?  We will teach you how to view your clipboard history on Mac in a few simple steps.

The clipboard has always been a fundamental part of all devices, computers, and mobiles. This function, in order to save time either during the execution of some work or research, allows copying the information and disposing of it to stick it in any program or empty field.

For this reason, it is a feature that remains of great importance today. And in the Apple ecosystem, it’s no different. In fact, this is the best way to take advantage of this feature, due to the Impressive integration of your products.

However, not all users understand the potential of this function or how to see what they copied. For this reason, we have prepared this guide in which we will tell you how you can view and access history from your macOS computer’s clipboard.

What is the clipboard on Mac and how does it work?

By following these steps, you will be able to see your clipboard history on your Mac

The clipboard is a function that allows you to save time to copy information Yes paste it later in empty fields faster. It is also capable of storing the copied data in the cloud for use when you need it.

Apple has improved this characteristic, integrating a function of synchronization from the clipboard using your Apple ID or account.

For this reason, MacOS computers have a universal clipboard that you can use in all your devices in which you have logged in with your Apple ID. This means that if you have copied any text, image, or information, you can eliminate them automatically in one of the teams that are synchronized with your account iCloud.

This universal clipboard it’s going to work, always, and when the devices are closed and have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled.

With this option, you can increase your productivity by simplifying the task of copying and pasting into any device in your company. Also, you can display elements that you copy previously in your Mac or in one of your equipment.

How to View Clipboard History on Mac?

In this window, you can see all the content stored in your clipboard

If you are wondering how to use the clipboard function, don’t worry, just follow these steps:

  • First, you need to do is press the keys Command + C on the File, archive What do you want to copy?
  • so you are directed to a folder or file where you want to paste content by pressing Command +V.

You should know that your Mac’s clipboard only saves a previously copied item.

For this reason, all computers own a secondary clipboard which we will talk about later, and which can be helpful in these cases.

To show the clipboard on your macOS computer, you need to follow these steps:

  • First what you should do is start the app “searcher” on your Mac.
  • Then touch Edit and select the option “Show Clipboard” On the menu.
  • Now if you a new window will appear on the screen that you will display the latest content that you copied to the Mac.

The clipboard on your Mac doesn’t have a lot of memory so it only keeps track of what last you copied.

However, if you really want to improve functionality from your Mac’s clipboard, you can download other specialized applications for this task, who do not have as much limits.

One of the most recommended programs is Pasta which is special for Mac devices and supports saving everything you copy clipboard for reuse whenever you want as well as many productivity-enhancing features. Also, you can open this app through a keyboard shortcut so you will have quick access to it whenever you need it, which is always good.

How to Use Secondary Clipboard on Mac?

The secondary clipboard will allow you to copy content without having to replace the one you had previously selected

The secondary clipboard will allow you to copy content without having to replace the one you had previously selected

Mac devices have a second clipboard already mentioned, with which you can copy new information without losing who you copied earlier.

It may have happened to you that you copied some information and you forget, so you copy a new item. What happens when you do this is that the second thing you saved replaces the first, so you lose it and have to find the source to copy it.

But this can be avoided with his second mac clipboard which was developed for this kind of situation in which you could need to copy two elements and keep them until they need to be glued.

Next, we will list the steps you need to follow to be able to use this backup clipboard.

  • First what you should do is copy the content that you need, by pressing the key Control + K, to cut.
  • Then you must Press the key Ctrl+Y to paste the content to the selected destination.

Using this method the original content will not be overwritten when you copy new information.

As you can see, the key combination that you use to enable the primary clipboard is different from the secondary, that way users cannot be confused.

How You Can Delete Clipboard History on Mac

With this simple command, you can delete clipboard history on your Mac

With this simple command, you can delete clipboard history on your Mac

to exist two ways to delete history clipboards on your Mac, then we’ll tell you what they are.

  • The first is to restart your device thereby will erase the history to the Mac clipboard
  • The second is to Begin the program Searcherthen go to Apps then to Terminal. In this one window, you need to copy and paste the following command for clear history from the clipboard on Mac: pbcopy < /dev/null.

In this way, using any of these two methods you will have reached deleted your history from the clipboard on the Mac.

What are the limitations of the Mac clipboard?

The Mac clipboard has a series of limitations that can decrease the efficiency of this function.

It is because your memory is limited and only Used to store the last data that was copied another of its limitations is that its synchronization function it is exclusive to its Apple ecosystem.

Also, if you get to have some kind of problem accessing the universal clipboard of your Mac, you must sign out of your iCloud account on each device apple and reconnect. With that, you will solve this little inconvenience.