How to use Xbox Game Pass on your Windows computer?

How to use Xbox Game Pass on your Windows computer?  Microsoft’s subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, has become one of the largest on the market.

With a single subscription, you can access an almost endless library of titles; and the best thing is that it is not limited to company consoles. You can play Xbox Game Pass on your Windows computer and installing it is very simple.

For its part, Microsoft allows us to use two different methods to access Game Pass games from our computer. The simplest is the one we’ll show you first; but in case you want more options, we will also guide you with another way to get them.

Of course, to use the Xbox Game Pass, you will first need to create an account on the platform. To use the service on Windows, you have two options: the first is to contract Xbox Game Pass Ultimate; a modality that comes with compatibility for computers, as well as for consoles and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

On the other hand, you have the private service PC Game Pass that, although it does not allow you to access the game library from the consoles, has a slightly reduced cost and you can play any title from your computer.

Plus, if you’re a new subscriber, you can access PC Game Pass for your first month. for a single US dollar. Once the second month has passed, you will have to pay the usual $9.99 for the service.

How to use Xbox Game Pass on Your Windows Computer?

As we mentioned earlier, there are several different methods to play Xbox Game Pass titles on a computer. From the beginning, we will use the dedicated Xbox app for Windows, while with the second you can use the Microsoft Store as an alternative.

From the Xbox app

This is the easiest method of all, in addition to being the most user-friendly. The advantage is that from the dedicated Xbox application for Windows, finding Game Pass titles for PC becomes much easier.

  1. Enter the Microsoft Store of Windows 10 or 11.
  2. Inside the store write Xbox in the search bar.
  3. Download it using the button To have on the right of the screen. Wait for the installation to complete.
  4. Open the previously downloaded application and sign in using the Microsoft account with which you subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass service.

Now you can see that the Xbox app greets you with a much nicer interface than the Microsoft Store. Besides, everything you see in this app can be played on pc; so you won’t have to constantly wonder if a title is compatible with your platform of choice.

To play, simply search for the title of your choice. The app allows you to do this by name as well as by gender. Only select the one you prefer and install it. Once the download is complete on your computer, you can start playing using a shortcut that will be created during installation.

Access Game Pass from the Microsoft Store

This is the more confusing method of the two. The problem is that in this way we cannot distinguish which titles are exclusive to Xbox consoles and which are also compatible with Windows. Also, we have to we cannot differentiate purchased games and those downloaded from Game Pass.

That’s why the Microsoft Store experience can be a bit more confusing although it is not impossible either.

Once you have joined the service Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or PC Game Passfollow these steps to enter the game:

  1. open the Microsoft Store.
  2. Push the button library in the lower left corner.
  3. You can choose to view games only by using the corresponding button. Unfortunately, this depends on our ability to filter in the app.
  4. If you’ve already downloaded Xbox Game Pass titles to your console, you’ll have to guess which ones are compatible with PC as well.
  5. To download them, you just have to touch the cloud button in the right column.

Ready. You can now start playing your Xbox Game Pass titles from your computer Windows without problems. Of course, we recommend downloading the dedicated Xbox app for PC, but in case you can’t, you always have that other option.