How to use WhatsApp with the Mobile Off: is it possible?

How to use WhatsApp with the Mobile Off? Yes, it is possible to use WhatsApp with the mobile turned off, and no, it’s not as difficult as it seems… We’ll tell you how!

Already at this stage, No one knows if smartphone or WhatsApp came first and it is that many here have surely bought their first smartphone for the sole purpose of registering as soon as possible in WhatsApp and starting using the service most popular messenger on the planet.

Things have changed a lot since WhatsApp appeared on Android in 2010, just 12 years ago, and even if there are options like Telegram with better features and 100% enabled cross-platform services Meta app continues to be the most used in countless countries, Spain including, now with a multi-device mode in beta which will make possible enable more options to use WhatsAppEven with the mobile turned off!

How to use WhatsApp with the Mobile Off?

Yes friends, using WhatsApp with the phone off is also possible… We explain how to do it!

And yes friends, use whatsapp with the phone off It’s easier than it looks, without too much science behind it and without bragging about needing to become expert users, because the truth is that it will be enough to activate this new multi-device option in phase beta from the app settings and link a PC or Mac, another smartphone or even a tablet to the service of WhatsApp website.

It is not yet fully developed, but the new WhatsApp multi-device option already allows us to turn off the smartphone and save battery, but maintain the functionality of the service on another device through WhatsApp Web.

“Your phone number is suspended”: why does this message appear on WhatsApp?

This is how WhatsApp Web works, and why now it allows us to turn off the smartphone

Well, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that indeed WhatsApp Web has been around for a few years but until this new multi-device feature comes out always needed the smartphone to connect to the Internet and connected in real-time to WhatsApp servers.

This has been eliminated with the new option to connect up to 4 devices to our WhatsApp account since messages and information will be stored online so that we can view them from any of the four devices even if the smartphone is not connected to the Internet.

In fact, it is that we can turn off the phone if we don’t have enough battery, and again continue to receive our messages from friends, family or groups on WhatsApp on one of the other linked devices.

However, you should know that your smartphone will remain the main device and the one that’s linked to the account because WhatsApp’s cross-device feature isn’t 100% cross-platform like Telegram’s, so for now you will not be able to activate whatsapp on two smartphones the same time.

How to enable whatsapp web is too simple because the application itself guides us from the parameters to activate the service in another terminal with a simple QR codeNow we explain it to you!

  1. Turn on your smartphone and open WhatsApp.
  2. Open the menu by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  3. Choose Linked devices.
  4. In the menu, click on the button Pair devices.
  5. You will be asked to enable the camera and grant permissions, just select “Just This Once” if you want it so.
  6. Now, from the device to be linked, a PC, tablet or another smartphone, you will have to open the site in the Internet browser.
  7. A QR code will be generated automatically, remember to click on “Keep session active”.
  8. You point the smartphone at the screen, and WhatsApp Web will activate directly when it reads the QR.

And There you go… With that now, you can enjoy whatsapp on this secondary device with all the options you normally use in the service but now through the web browser, and even with the mobile far away, without coverage or directly switched off and no connectivity.

You already know another option of having whatsapp anywhere and thus make it easier for you to use the service from secondary devices, even if your mobile has run out of battery, which will at least be useful while waiting for Meta transform WhatsApp, as it should, into a cross-platform application totally.

Of course yes enable in-browser notifications You will also be able to see how the PC or tablet indicates that there are new messages, but remember that you will not see these notifications as an incoming messages since WhatsApp Web works from the Internet browser and not as an independent application.