How to Use WhatsApp on Apple Watch?

How to Use WhatsApp on Apple Watch? Apple watches are a great help and addition to the iPhone. In addition to health tracking, training, quick weather and other information, the device has many additional features.

For example, you can answer incoming calls or chat with friends in popular instant messengers without using your smartphone, as this is often inconvenient. We tell you which of them support use on the Apple Watch.

How to Use WhatsApp on Apple Watch?

Telegram on Apple Watch

Thanks to the Telegram client on the watch, you can reply to messages with text or voice

Telegram, in my opinion, is the most convenient messenger. By the way, we’re having a super cozy conversation there – be sure to subscribe. It supports iOS and Android smartphones, as well as Mac and Windows computers, and even has a version for browsers. Apple Watches also did not escape attention and attracted their customer. To install Telegram on Apple Watch need:

  • Download Telegram for iPhone;
  • Access the Watch app;
  • Go to the “My watch” tab;
  • Find Telegram in the list of applications and click “Install”.

In order not to repeat this algorithm of actions, in the same Watch app on iPhone, open the “General” tab and turn on the toggle switch “Autoinstall apps”. So any apps you use that are supported by Apple Watch (not just messengers) will automatically download to the watch and appear on the home screen.

Telegram client for Apple Watch lets you view all conversations and groups, as well as reply to messages with stickers, record voicemails, or send your location. Before the first launch, the client will ask you to synchronize your watch with your smartphone.

To do this, simply bring your iPhone running Telegram to your Apple Watch and all chats will be displayed on the watch screen.

How to Use iMessage on Apple Watch?

iMessage is installed by default on Apple Watch without the possibility of removing it

iMessage is not only a way to receive messages from banks or mobile operators, but also a full-fledged messenger. For the use of iMessage on Apple Watch, no need to download anything – the application is installed on the watch by default, without the possibility of uninstalling it.

To reply to someone from the watch, you need to go to correspondence and send a message. This can be done both by text and by recording a voice recording.

Additionally, iMessage on Apple Watch has a stock set of Quick Replies. To use them, scroll the wheel below and in the “Offers” section, select the answer you need. The app also lets you send Memoji stickers, scribbles, or your location.

How to Install WhatsApp on Apple Watch?

WhatsApp never had its smartwatch client, but there is a solution

The popular messenger doesn’t officially have a version for smartwatches, so an enthusiast named Adam Foote decided to sort things out on his own. He has created a suitable clientele WhatsApp for Apple Watch, which can already be downloaded from the official store without jailbreak, settings and other inconveniences.

To install the client on your watch, just follow this link and install the WristChat app. The cost of the program is 279 rubles.

WristChat accesses the owner’s account via the API whatsapp web version. After installation, you need to scan the QR code with your iPhone to register a new device.

A list of chats will appear – when you select a dialog, you can view the correspondence log or send a new message. Even customization is provided, like showing or hiding contact images or choosing a notification color.

WristCat supports haptic feedback and the WristBoard’s on-screen keyboard, which includes typing suggestions and auto-correction. Other input methods are also available – dictation and Scribble. At the same time, the application does not support the function of creating new dialogs – messages can be sent only to already started chats.

Viber for Apple Watch

Viber is another messenger with Apple Watch support

Popular in narrow circles Viber messenger, which can be installed from this link, also has its own client for smartwatches. The installation algorithm is identical to Telegram. What it can do:

  • Reply to messages;
  • Show text in chat (limit – no more than 20 matches);
  • Browse events and get notifications from Viber on Apple Watch;
  • Include stickers from the smartwatch package in your answers.

Much like iMessage, Viber provides quick replies that you can customize yourself, which Apple’s solution does not allow. When you receive video messages or files with contacts, the app will ask you to open them on your iPhone because Apple Watch does not know how to use them.

Messengers have long since replaced our usual means of communication, such as live meetings or calls. It’s good that most of them support use not only on a smartphone or computer but also on a watch so that you can always stay in touch with friends, relatives and work colleagues.

Personally, Telegram has always been my favorite because the app is more stable and has more features than its counterparts.