How to use reactions in Telegram and what you need to know about them?

Reactions in Telegram appeared last year. Therefore, almost everyone has already managed to rate them. However, this assessment does not necessarily have to be positive. After all, many people have the ability to reply to messages from other people without having to send their own. All you need is to choose an emoji that reflects your attitude towards what is written. Luckily, there are plenty of choices in Telegram, unlike WhatsApp. But maybe your negative attitude towards reactions is because you just haven’t understood how they work? Let’s fill the void.

How to use reactions in Telegram

Reactions in Telegram are simple, but not everyone understands how they work

Let’s start with an explanation. reactions are necessary to show that you have read the interlocutor’s message, when it does not require any response from you. After all, how do you react to signals such as “OK”, “alright”, “see you soon” or “alright”? It would probably be possible to send cool stickers to the chat, but they only visually obstruct the chat, without carrying any semantic load. This is where feedback comes in handy.

How to enable and disable reactions in Telegram

How to use reactions in Telegram

You don’t need to enable reactions in Telegram. But you can’t turn them off either.

There is no need to force the message reply mechanism. They are enabled by default after installing the update. However, many are interested how to disable reactions in telegram. After all, it turned out that they only clutter the chat more, because some people have gotten into the habit of reacting to every message, which in turn leads to sending a notification about every reaction. And this applies to both group chats and personal chats.

But unfortunately, turn off reactions and even Telegram does not allow notifications about them. So whether you like it or not, you should still see notifications that someone has reacted to your post. The exception is only granted to admins of group chats or channels, who can either disable reactions altogether or allow only a few. For example, leaving only likes and dislikes to make the messages sharper.

How to see reactions in Telegram

How to use reactions in Telegram

Telegram lets you see only other people’s reactions to your messages. And the history of all your reactions – does not store

See reactions in Telegram simply and easily. They appear below messages you’ve sent, with a photo of the replying user next to them. True, the photo is displayed only if there are no more than two reactions to your message. When there are 3 or more, the profile avatars are hidden, and only the reactions themselves remain. For this reason, many people believe that reactions in Telegram can be set anonymously.

In fact, it is not. You can always see who replied to your message. To see who the stickers belong to, just tap and hold them below the message. After that, a drop-down list of responding users with avatars and names will appear on the screen. If you want, you can click on them and go to their profiles.

How to delete reaction in Telegram

How to delete reaction in Telegram

Just click on your reaction and it will disappear

If you accidentally put a reaction on someone’s message, this action can always be undone. Delete reaction in Telegram you can just click on it once. Remember the action of visualizing all the set reactions we learned above, but don’t hold your finger on it, but press and release it. At the same time, the reaction will disappear. But keep in mind that your interlocutor most likely already knows that you reacted to their message.

The fact is that in Telegram, by default, reaction notifications. They not only appear in the chat, but also come on the lock screen. Therefore, even if you delete your reaction, the user you reacted to – even by accident – will know about it at the same time. After all, even if the reaction disappears, the push in the notification history will remain.

Quick reactions in Telegram – How to configure

Telegram has the ability to send quick reactions by double-clicking on the message. This mechanism allows you to not select a specific sticker for the response, but automatically sends the default one. As a rule, if you have not forcefully changed anything, it will be a thumbs up – a universal symbol indicating that you agree with the message of your interlocutor. But if desired, it can be replaced.

  • Launch Telegram on your iPhone;
  • At the bottom, open the “Settings” tab;

Quick reactions are convenient, but can sometimes be a disservice

  • Go to the “Stickers and Emoji” section;
  • Click on “Quick reaction” and select the default emoji.

Unfortunately, you cannot turn off the quick feedback mechanism. Therefore, be careful and monitor how many times you click on the messages of your interlocutors. It is possible that this way you accidentally send them a reaction that, in fact, you do not want to send.