How to Use New Features on Google Maps?

Google Maps is updated with important new features that particularly affect Apple users. So How to Use New Features on Google Maps


Google has just announced a very important update for Google Maps with many new features, some of which are exclusive to iPhone and Apple Watch users. New improvements include toll rates, a more detailed navigation map and exclusive updates for iOS to help us plan our trip.

Google Maps is one of the world’s most used mapping apps and now we have even more reasons to use it as our default application. We are going to go over all the news that comes with its latest update.

Make Google Maps your co-pilot with these new updates

Toll Rates

Google Maps is updated with important news

Nowadays it is quite common that on long journeys we have to use a toll road. Google Maps has long shown toll roads when we search for a route and gives us the option to avoid them, but soon we will be able to see the exact price that the trip will cost us in case of using one or more toll roads.

You can always avoid these types of roads with an alternate route, but soon you will also be we will see the estimated price of the toll to your destination. Android and iOS toll prices will start showing this month on nearly 2,000 toll roads in the United States, India, Japan and Indonesia, with more countries to follow.

More detailed map with traffic lights and signs

Google Maps

Google Maps will now show traffic lights and stop signs along your route

It is not always easy to cross unfamiliar places and for this reason, Google wants to improve the experience by adding new details to our route. Traffic lights and stop signs will appear on Google Maps as we navigate, and in some cities, we’ll see even more detailed information, such as the shape and width of a road, including medians and islands. The new navigation map will start rolling out in select countries over the next few weeks on Android, iOS, Android Auto and CarPlay.

You’ll soon see traffic lights and stop signs along your route, along with enhanced details like building outlines and areas of interest.

New Google Maps Widgets

Google Map Widgets

This is what the new Google Maps widgets look like on the iPhone

The first change affects the existing Google Maps widget, which is now smaller so you can find your favorite places or navigate to frequent destinations with a tap. But there is also a new widget for iOS that lets you access trips you’ve pinned in the Go tab app, making it even easier to get directions. You can see the arrival time, the next departure of your trip, and even a suggested route if you’re driving.

Navigate from your Apple Watch

Google Maps on Apple Watch

Google Maps is starting to bring features back to the Apple Watch

Google Maps disappeared from the Apple Watch years ago and very recently has returned, albeit with fewer functions. But it seems that little by little the app is improving so that we can get instructions from our wrists. From now on It will no longer be necessary to start browsing on the iPhone by clicking on Google Maps on your Apple Watch, you can start it.

Find and get directions with Siri and Spotlight or use shortcuts

Google Maps in Shortcuts

Google Maps now supports shortcuts on iOS

Google Maps will be integrated directly into Spotlight, Siri, and the Shortcuts iOS app. You can directly search for directions, create shortcuts, or say “Hey Siri, get directions to” or “Hey Siri, search Google Maps” to access useful information from Google Maps. This feature will arrive in the coming months, with Siri’s improved search functionality arriving later this summer.

Google map is a great app that allows you not only to navigate on a map, offers lots of advice and information, such as gas prices at nearby stations. Now, with all these new features, the applications become even more complete.